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  1. Hakk's Rank Request

  2. Rank Request.

  3. A Bio: Galars

    Moved from general to introductions
  4. G Rank req

  5. Slayer Island

    Thanks for the guide, this will surely make things easier for me navigating slayer
  6. Stats prestiege

    My name is commander Polar and this is my favourite suggestion on the forums
  7. Skillerprod's rank

    @Rebel @Baas @Mr Whale
  8. Heya peeps

    welcome to the server, hope to see you around on the server as weve already talked a bit on discord
  9. Smithing

    I'm pretty sure this is a known issue but regardless thank you for taking the time to post this.
  10. Account cant login

    @Rebel @Baas @Mr Whale
  11. Fake ID's intro

    Welcome to the aerver. Can't wait to see you around in game, if you need help feel free to let me know.
  12. donor rank request

    please post a screenshot from the server showing that you have donor in game, thank you.
  13. 12

    what is this even?
  14. Update 12.10.2017

    Losing motivation could be the result of many issues but please keep going @Rebel you have a lot of support from us already and if there's ever a need for someone to talk to I'm almost always around.Also if you need help with anything feel free to ask. Please keep up the good work and let's raise to the top.
  15. Makaveli's Intro

    Welcome to the serverr
  16. He's Forums Applicaitons

  17. Point Zone Guide

    Very useful information, thank you for this guide and all those pictures, perhaps you could include how many points each item is and/or how many points gamemodes get /kill of what owo
  18. Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to the server, hope to see you around ^^
  19. Polars Rank Request

    donator please
  20. Hey guys

    Welcome to the server, hope to see you around~
  21. Mmiinntt's Suggestions.

    I like all of this also Castlewarrsssss
  22. -Bolts- Suggestion Thread (Updated Daily)

    Does he need help lol
  23. Agility brawlers gloves

    I've already reported this to rebel but for forum completeness I'm going to post it here aswell I bought the agility brawlers gloves and when I try to go through the wilderness agility course with them on I essentially null my character I can't log out, I can't move and the chat becomes unresponsive. Without the gloves I can run it perfectly fine.
  24. Polar's Guide to Agility

    Thanks again also let me know which I should do next !~
  25. Polar's Guide to Agility

    This one will be a little slow to take shape as it's honestly my least favourite skill but might as well get a start on it lol First of you need to click up on that agility icon under the stats tab and you'll be presented with the 3 courses you'll become familiar with over the course of this agonizing skill. just as the levels are displayed is how you want to go about leveling Stay at the gnome course until level 35 then move on to the barbarian course until level 55 when you'll have to go to the dreaded wilderness course. Completing each course will earn you tickets which can be used on various things, but first each course also gives you different amounts: Gnome Course: 2 Tickets/ full run Barbarian Outpost: 4 Tickets/ full run Wilderness Course: 6 Tickets/ full run Now these can be spent on Experience (which is what I've done because this skill is so boring to me) and items from a shop: Pricing from left to right: to get everything you'll need 300 tickets, but the only thing worth in my opinion at least is the adze unfortunately right now it's double exp so I don't see a point in doing the experience values but I will when double exp is done don't you worry let me know if you'd like to see step by step pictures of the obstacles.