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  1. A Suggestion for Construction

    Seriously? That's a shame because this Construction is actually really good. However now I'm more curious to see what the future will be for it! Thanks for the clarification.
  2. Rank Request

    In Game Name: Jev Rank on game: Deluxe Donor Proof: Thanks in advance!
  3. A Suggestion for Construction

    So I've been very curious to start up Construction as it's one of those skills where I feel a sense of achievement, obviously because it's a grind to achieve 99. However I've spent the best part of 2 maybe 3 days grinding Construction with what is available and find that whilst Construction is actually working very nicely, there's some missing things obviously and the Experience Rate is seriously underwhelming. Whilst I get that it shouldn't be easy to grind to 99, I've reached Level 40 barely breaking the 40,000 XP mark... I asked about Construction in game and was told that currently it's supposed to be off limits. However minus the odd glitch where you spawn in darkness next to the portal, it actually works very well and is quite decent. I decided to grind Construction whilst the Well of Goodwill was active and promptly discovered that the XP Rate hardly changes and after some calculations I observe that with the current amount of XP I receive, it would take me around 250,000 Steel Bars to achieve 99 Construction and well I don't fancy sitting there buying 28 Steel Bars nearly 9000 times just to then click that many times again. Before you say "Oh but as you level up, you unlock different things to make" the majority of the rooms that you unlock contain items that you can't obtain to even build the stuff, this leaves the whole Steel Bars theory as they're the most simple yet efficient to obtain. What I propose is simple really, adding a shop with the multitude of required Construction items and while not necessary maybe it would be nice to increase the rate at which you gain XP? TL;DR (I know I tend to waffle on lol) Construction is great, requires Items Shop to made skill simpler, also requires a boost to the XP Rate. Thanks and hopefully this can be considered!
  4. Hunter Skill Guide

    Hunter Skill Guide Begin by locating to the Skills tab and clicking the Hunter skill. Begin by talking to the Hunting Expert NPC and buying the following: 14 Impling Jars (This is to maximise productivity, looting them will require you to have an equal amount of clear inventory spaces.) 1 Butterfly Net (For you to wield and catch Implings.) *Optional* Larupia Outfit (Useful but not necessary.) Please find a table explaining level requirements for Implings and what experience they yield below. *Disclaimer* If you are playing on Hardcore Mode, the Experience Points will be halved. If you are playing on IronMan Mode, the Experience Points remain the same. I wish you luck in your quest to achieve 99 Hunter! Happy Skilling!