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  1. He's Forums Applicaitons

    Ingame name?: 'He' How old are you?: I'm quite young (yes) I know, but I've been in the rsps scene for a long time, and being here I've matued and majority of people when they first find out my age are bewildered by how young I am. I am 16 Years Young! What timezone are you in?: UTC+10:00 (Same Timezone As Link). Date registered?: I first registered on the forums before playing in game, so I've been here for 7 days. 16\11\17 Do you have any past staff experience regarding the Forums?: Alright so here people are going to probably have trouble believieng me but thats quite alright. I've had lots of experiance as a moderator, admin, co-owner, and support (helper), on servers from runescape private server, to Minecraft servers. I've been staff in big servers I dont want to disclose the names publicly but if it's alright by rebel I could add them so you get a sense of who I am. Just know I've spent 7 months in the moderator position alone just working my ass off for a promotion because no matter how long it takes dedication. Dedication pulls through for you in the end. Have you ever been punished on the Forums?: No, and I plan on never being punished. What would you aim to accomplish as a staff member on the Forums?: My aim as a staff member on the forums is to protect the forums from spammers, unwanted posts, when people post duplicates of the same post my jobs to ask them which one they'd like to keep than remove the excess posts. I'm here to protect the forums, shoutbox, any way I can from spammers, advertisers, and rule breakers. I aim to make the forums a home ground for all players of the community. Extra information (optional)?: I believe I have multiple great attributes to an amazing staff member, Being I have honesty as a top treat, I'm mature, I'm here for everybody and no matter what issue I'm there. I'm great with advice, I'm un-biased, I'm not stubborn so I'm always willing to learn new things. Lastly, thank you for reading this applicaiton, I'm aware I do not meet a lot of the criteria in the staff application format, but how ever I'm aware the staff-team do not have any \ Many forums staff, so I'd like to help out the forums and the staff as much as I can, and I'd love to help the players too. Thanks for reading and have an amazing day \ night mates!
  2. He's Forums Applicaitons

    Requesting close, no longer play as for this server just doesn't suit me anymore. I dislike a few things. Peace.
  3. Point Zone Guide

    A lot of people are curious on what to get from the pointzone store. This is just an insight into what to go for and for what purposes, and what stats each set \ wep etc, has. Have fun grinding! Drygore Equipment Drygore Godsword Vortex Set Vortex Crossbow Earth Whip Water Whip Air Whip Dragon Slayer Sword Saradomin Halberd Barbarian Warhammer Barbarian 2h Axe Gravity Hammer Clawed Glove SAP Glove Egyptian Sword Egyptian Sword (G) Happy Sword/Spear/Mace/Battleaxe Thunder Sword Dark Mace Sabre Sword Cleaver Sword Zamorak Wings Blurite Sword all weapons are normal speed other than the following; Air whip = fastest weapon in-game, water whip = the second fastest in-game, & earth whip = the third fastest in-game. Enjoy this guide, Hopefully this is an insight on what to grind for!.
  4. He's Forums Applicaitons

    Just on what @goofy said and if anybody else is thinking the same Let me just show you why I ran for the position ahead of achieveing what is needed for a forums moderator. Forum Moderator: (Requirements). - You must have at least a month (4 weeks) old forum account. - The server hasn't been open for more than a more. - You must have a minimum of 75 post counts. - The server hasn't been open long, and I'd like to not just spam the forums with posts, topics, replies, etc etc. - You have to be able to speak/type fluent English. - As shown in my application, I'm quite fluent in English as for its my main language. - Must be fairly known throughout the community. - This one here is a hard one to complete as for I'm on when most people are off. - Must be familiar with the rules of the Forums. - I'm quite familiar with the forums here and had done some exploreing and what not before applying. - No active warnings or infractions on Forums. - I've never been warned, or infracted against. - No active or past bans/jails/mutes in-game. - I've not recieveed a Ban\Jail\Mute Ingame and dont plan on getting one. I hope this helps you understand why my application and myself do not meet the 'forums moderator staff application requirements'.
  5. Marto - Introduction

    Welcome mate! hope to see you around! and best of luck here on rebel317.
  6. Hello

    Welcome mate, hope to bring joy to you playing this little rsps just know we'll eventually be bigger. hope to see you around and hope you enjoy this rsps. Best of luck. ♥
  7. ayeeee

    Welcome mate glad to see you having a hard crack into the server, hope to see you around lots!.
  8. 20 Mbox Loot

    Decent loot mate, thanks for showing us your bounty. (loot).
  9. OSRS Items?

    I believe the addition of the osrs gear would ruin Rebel317, as for rebel is a custom content only based server. So the use of osrs gear is therefore irrelevent and un-needed. How ever thank you for the suggestion best of luck future wise, lets see what others think for it.
  10. Well of Goodwill Location

    Thank you for making this, late to reply to this thread however, It's typically known among rsps that the well of goodwill after donated too generates a bonus xp for an (x) amount of hours, typically 2 hours, with double xp.
  11. Agility

    I believe it is the 'agility brawling gloves' they bug out the npc and the character.
  12. Donation didn't work properly

    It'd be better to message 'Rebel' Directly to solve this issue as for I think its a issue between your accounts link the donation host.
  13. Beginner's Advice

    This is a dope guide, thanks a lot for posting this, how ever.. you're better of picking the bones up than putting them in the bank so you can use them later on, on an altar.