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  1. Immortalem Paintball group

    Hey guys, me and some of my buddies who are stationed with me out in camp Lejeune, North Carolina decided to make a paintball team, the gopro died like an hour into the recording so I didn't get most of our games, but from what I did get, this is what I put together! If you like the video please show some support on it! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Immortalempaintball/?notif_id=1520749656622805&notif_t=page_fan&ref=notif YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYr3SrfFEMIC82n7Qm300yg (Posted in Other because it has nothing to do with rebel317 and the videos section is for rebel317 related videos)
  2. Top Voters of February

    Nice Rewards! Congrats to all the winners, and good luck with this month!
  3. This guide is to teach you how to take a screenshot of your screen on a windows computer, edit the picture, crop it, and then post it to forums! This is to help people who don't know how to do it so they may submit evidence, rank requests, and just pictures in general. Step 1: Taking the screenshot To take a simple screenshot, all you have to do is press [FN] + [PRT SCRN] You will have to look for your buttons on your keyboard, personally my [PRT SCRN] button is also my [F12] button Once you have done that you will have a screenshot of your screen Step 2: Editing this screenshot A screenshot alone will be your whole computer screen, to subjugate one part of it you will need to edit the picture. To do so simply open "paint" all windows computers should have this program installed by default. Once paint has been opened simply click "paste" your screenshot will be saved to you clipboard when you do [PRT SCRN] Step 3: Cropping the picture From there you're going to use the "selection shape" tool on the image and select what you want to use If you're doing it correctly it will have the outlined box around where you select (see above) Then click "Copy" and this will copy the image to your clipboard Step 4: Posting your picture Then you will go to where ever you want to put it and right click your mouse, then click "Paste" That's all there is to it! It seems like a lot, but you will learn soon it's extremely easy and you'll be able to do it in a matter of seconds! Have fun posting your pictures on the forums!
  4. Official Player Report Format

    This is the official format for reporting a player for something they have done. Please use this when reporting a player. Your in-game name: Accused's in-game name: Evidence: Please provide as many details and evidence as possible, the more evidence you have, the better we can help you. Guide to posting screenshots
  5. This is the official rank request format, to make a rank request for forums please use this format: In-game name: Rank in-game: Proof: If no one gives you your rank within 12 hours, please PM a staff member in game (please, do not spam us) Guide to posting screenshots
  6. Giveaway!!!

    Good luck everyone!
  7. Rebel Advertisement Video!

    Awesome man! This is great! Thank you for making this! I look forward to future content!
  8. A Suggestion for Construction

    Jev, this and Dungeoneering are on our lists of key features we need to add to the server. By no means is this what construction is planned to be. It is supposed to be completely unaccesable but unfortunately it can be worked around. Construction is going to be added very soon, so need not worry! Thank you for this though
  9. A Bio: Galars

    So many of you already know me, but awhile back there was a problem with our forums and we had to reset them so my intro is gone. I decided to make this little bio to help players know me and my intentions a little better Thank you for reading this! Who am I? My name is Galen (pronounced: Gay-lin), I'm from the state Michigan, in The United States of America, and I'm 19 years old. I'm a very simple person, I love my country and love the arts. I've always been a very artistic person, been playing piano, guitar, and singing since I was 3 years old. I was on every sports team I could be on at a time in high school until junior year, when I switched to doing theater. I was in Theater for my last two years of high school. As I said, I've always loved the arts so acting was something I really loved doing. Notably I was in The Great Gatsby, Grease, Chicago, and Sleeping Beauty. I developed a passion for Improv acting while in that club and continue to do Improv shows and groups when ever I can. I decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corps a year after I finished high school. I'm currently serving active duty in the Corps. I work on servers and networks, basically I set up communications and maintain the internet and computers for the other marines to ensure they have communications back to base. Basically I'm an IT guy for the Marine Corps. I still seek out Improv when ever I can even in the corps. If I'm not on I'm likely dealing with some angry NCO or doing some dumb working party. How in the hell did I ever end up playing Runescape and Rebel317? When I was 4 I had a neighbor who was really into Rune scape, He was older than me by some years but I'd always go over to their house and hangout. I remember he would have me cut wood for him all the time to grind his levels. 1 day I decided to make my own account because he wanted to play and I wanted to play as well. He felt so betrayed and didn't talk to me for a week or so for it. Either way that was 2002 and I've been playing it ever since. My account on runescape (same user name) was created in 2002 and I still occasionally use it, but runescape 3 is trash. I started playing private servers around when the beta for the combat evolved system first came out. I saw some random spam bot in the GE saying something about one and decided to see what the hell it was talking about, to be honest I thought it was a scam to steal accounts but was pleasantly surprised. My first rsps was a 317 server, not customs server though because those didn't exist yet. That servers name was Greenscape, it got taken down a few months later. Runescape DMCA'd them for copy right material. This was when runescape did their great bot and rsps purges. I hopped between some servers but all of them kept getting shut down. I ended up at Project Rainbow when it was a newer server, they were one of the first servers to ever have customs on it. I remember loving it and eventually I became staff on there as a Server Moderator. I was a Moderator there for about 8 months before it finally shut down. They shut down due to a lack of passion from the players unfortunately. It was a very sloppy server, one of the first custom servers was their claim to fame, but the mechanics were sloppy and a lot of customs didn't look right. As more and more custom servers came out the players left PR. I quit RSPS's for a few years. I was getting my flight info for a plane ride back home on leave a few months ago but the email wasn't popping up so I checked my spam and sure enough, there was an email from a RSPS named "Rebel317" and I said "eh, I haven't played a RSPS in some years so I'll give it a try" Little did I know I'd love the community and server and want to help anyway I could to see it succeed. What are my goals as one of your staff members? -One thing you can count on from me is not being power hungry. I'm not after anything more than I already have. -What I really enjoy doing on servers is helping the players out, I love the community of this server and have made some great friends on here, and I plan to continue doing that. -My Main goal with the server is to be support for the players and provide help whenever I can. I want to keep players up to date with what's happening on the server with the constant updates from our fantastic Developer Bankpin. -I really like to grind gear and drops, even if I already have the best gear I'm always grinding to hook up my friends with some of that gear. -I give damn near all my extra loots to new players and try to give them the best experience they could want with joining a new server. So, If I'm in the military how am I supposed to be active? It's not that easy to be honest. There will be periods where I go away for weeks to a couple months at a time. It's not up to me when I leave, but I will know in advanced and I always make sure to let everyone know when I'm going to be inactive. So I'm online, and you're online but you don't know how to approach me, after all, I'm staff and that can be scary to some, how should you? Just come say hi, I'm usually active when I'm on, I won't bite I like to think I'm a very approachable person, I'm usually really chill and will just chill and talk, help you get some loots, or help with anything you need. I'm also on discord even more than I'm on the server so you can find me in general voice chat a lot if you want to talk over voice, or pm me on there. Thank you guys for reading If you see me in-game don't be a stranger, Hope you guys all have great days See you online~
  10. New Items guide (Melee)

    This is just showing off the stats of each of the new melee armor and weapon pieces, hope this helps you decide what you want to grind for next Cryptic Cryptic is dropped by the "Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz" at the ::freezer teleport Costs 800 donator points each piece of armor in the Donator store Sword costs 3500 donator points in the Donator store Rare drop from Mega Mystery box Boxing Gloves Dropped by "Scorpion king" at ::Scorpion Costs 700 donator points each in the donator store Rare drop from Mega Mystery Box Rings of Power and Defense Costs 1200 Donator points each in the Donator store Burst Dropped by "Scorpion King" at ::scorpion Costs 1500 a piece in the Donator store For older items refer to Estpures guide: Good luck grinding out the drops!
  11. Hunter Skill Guide

    Wow! This is an incredible guide! Thank you so much for making this for the community
  12. Slayer Island

    Thanks for the guide! I'm using it myself to figure it all out
  13. Donation Bonus Rewards

    This is awesome thanks est
  14. Top Voters of January

    Awesome Congrats to everyone who won!
  15. Update 4. Feb 2018

    Fantastic update! I'm loving it so far! thanks so much!
  16. Tab-reply for staff members

  17. New best range armor ingame (except rebel god) got the first drop
  18. Gold Raven's Introduction

    Welcome to rebel! Hope you stick around! Had a great time with you so far!
  19. Josh

    Welcome! Hope you stick around?
  20. Cookie's Pvp and Rebel god Guide

    this is a fantastic guide! ill be using it
  21. Upgrading armour

    Great guide! Thank you this is really helpful information about a new mechanic!
  22. For those of you who (somehow) don't know yet, I'm serving active duty in the United States Marine Corps right now. As with that, I have to be at their call and duty to my country over everything. This week I will be on a field op, no internet or access to wifi so I will not be online at all, I may have cell service, and if so I may come on discord and forums a few times, but for the most part I will be gone for a week in the field. I'll be back promptly and will be happy to pickup where I left off. Good luck to every through this week! Hope its a good and prosperous week for rebel, with the event and new developer things are really looking up! Anyway, I will see you all in 1 week!
  23. Free Donator

    Come get your free donator before its gone!
  24. Stats prestiege

    I love this idea, might be a bit complicated, but if done right this could be an awesome mechanic! +1 rep
  25. Hi

    Welcome to the server Cookie! I hope you enjoy your stay