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  1. Phoenix Guide

    Guide on Phoenix Boss Requirements: 64 Magic to teleport to Ape Atoll 75 Agility to pass the Bamboo Gate 92 Slayer to pass the Bamboo Gate Banana To Teleport to Ape Atoll u will need a banana and for a Banana u need to teleport to Karamja. To Teleport to Karamja u will need 500 Luigi Bones dropped by Luigis at ::Train Then go to ::Home at the West side u will see Ned After u have teleport to Karamja walk West until u see the Banana Trees Then pick a Banana Go to ::Home Bank Buy 2 Water Runes 2 Fire Runes 2 Law Runes from the Mage Then u need to Teleport to Ape Atoll Now you are at Ape Atoll u Run to the West Side After u run to the South-West side u will see the following then u go there and u will see The Bamboo Gate U will need 92 Slayer and 75 Agility to Open the Gate After u Enter the gate run South-West And then u will See the Phoenix Note: U cant kill Phoenix with Melee so Only Range/Mage Phoenix has 9,5k Hp Slayer Master Sumona (Lvl 92) Gives Phoenix As A Slayer Task Phoenix drops Egyptian Sword
  2. Pet Perks

    This guide will be updated as the pets get more effects and benefits. But here's what we have so far: American Torva Pet: 3% Extra Droprate Oreo Torva Pet: 4% Extra Droprate Sky Torva Pet: 5% Extra Droprate Darth Maul Pet: 6% Extra Droprate Cash Torva Pet: 7% Extra Droprate Silver Torva Pet: 8% Extra Droprate Camo Torva Pet: 10% Extra Droprate Winter Torva Pet: 12% Extra Droprate Bloodshot Torva Pet: 14% Extra Droprate Rebel God Pet: 18% Extra Droprate Clobe Pet: 5% Melee And Ranged Strength Boost Prostex Pet: 10% Melee And Ranged Strength Boost Redonex Pet: 15% Melee And Ranged Strength Boost Legion Pet: 20% Melee And Ranged Strength Boost Zarthyx Pet: 25% Melee And Ranged Strength Boost Rucord Pet: 30% Melee And Ranged Strength Boost Pikachu Pet: Extra Slayer Points Squirtle Pet: 2X Loyalty Points Lucario Pet: 1/3 Chance To Heal 5% Of Your Hit Homer Pet: Acts As A Drop Collector Mewtwo Pet: 2X Pointzone Points Charmeleon Pet: 2X Pointzone Points Sonic Pet: 2X Prestige Points
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  13. Josh

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