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  • We Have Fixed Our Client And Launcher - Feel Free To Download New Launcher! But Old Launcher Should Work Just Fine Now! :)


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  1. Update 4. Feb 2018

    Make sure to use launcher, instead of client - otherwise you will miss client updates.
  2. Free Donator

  3. Free Donator

    Forgot to mention! Everyone who has donator/deluxe/sponsor , will get 250 donator points!
  4. Free Donator

    Dear Rebel317 players, We have decided to do a massive Event/Giveaway, which is a free Donator rank for everyone playing Rebel317 in a specific time-period! We will be handing these Donator ranks to all of those playing Rebel317 between 25/1-2018 and 4/2-2018. Note that this rank will be permanently given, it's yours forever! Event Starts at: 25/01-2018 12:00PM Estonian time. Event Ends at: 04/02-2018 12:00PM Estonian time. So how do I claim my Donator rank? New players will get their rank added automatically upon registration. Already registered? Trade Rebel/Baas/Mr Whale/Estpure/Chandler for a Donator Scroll worth 250 Donator Points. We are also planning on buying new YouTube videos to spread the news about this Giveaway, but we would like to ask all of our Players to spread the news aswell! Kind Regards, The Rebel317 Staff-Team.
  5. Update 12.27.2017

    Update 12.27.2017 (forgot some but yeah.) All drop rates were lowered! Offline selling on pos fixed. All mobs\boss pets added, each one gets their own benefits. Added Bullets to range shop (each box = 2b cash) - Removed boxes from zombie minigame and donate store. Added drop collecting Amulet - 700 Donor points, 1100 Vote points. (PS: works with frags aswell) Readded sponsor rank to donor store. Added\Redid donor shop + donor shop 2 added. Added server announcements. Added new player login. Changed starter pack - now everyones getting silver vamp swords as starter. Fixed Achievements tab. Fixed Various models - etc air runes, all logs. Yell title saving fixed now - also default yell title added. Shift dropping fixed - turn settings on. Left-click Attack added - turn settings on. Added crtl+v support. Java update 9 issues fixed - main stuff : only left click available and full screen crashes. Added rail gun and thunder gun ingame - both works now. Fixed issue where rail gun and thunder gun didnt say price on zombie minigame. Added 3 new mobs - Clobe, Prostex and Redonex - PS Check pictures below to see stats of each set. New launcher - also changed client bg so it fits better for custom rsps. Each zone has new shop, called "unwanted drops" - sell your stuff for some money. Fixed issue where madrith were lying about prices of pk sets. Now you cant go to zombie minigame with summon spawned - so it doesnt break zombie minigame rounds. Added Torva Mbox, Pets Mbox to donor store. Vortex Armor nerfed. Row and ring of riches fixed. Ring of riches gives 10% drop boost, while Row gives 25% drop boost - now fixed drop boost.
  6. Account cant login

  7. Account cant login

    Ill check reason
  8. Update 12.10.2017

    Also note that you have to re-download client, to do so, click on "play now".
  9. Update 12.10.2017

    First, i'm really sorry about lack of updates. I'm not gonna lie, i did lose motivation and didnt want to do updates at all. So i'm really sorry about this, but from now, ill try to do daily updates. Here is log (some i forgot and didnt write down). Player owned shop added Trade dupe fixed (happily no one didnt abuse) Gambling dupe fixed (happily no one didnt abuse) Hunter added (puro puro) Mac issues fixed - loads of people were not able to connect before. Fixed donor store - sponsor rank were gone. Fixed Ring Of Wealth - gives real drop rate now. Removed black headband from mega mystery box. Added ::well command - easier to get there. Fixed admin rank - admins can no trade\drop etc Well of goodwill is now 2b per activation instead of 100m. Removed next features from donators : double & tripe donator points received after donating. New client launcher finished - now you dont have to redownload client all the time. Crtl + v added All Range weapons on donor store + zombie minigame are buffed - started working on rail gun and thunder gun. Fixed pvp sets - were too cheap and you were able to sell for 1b profit all the time. Fixed pointzone store - were "dream points" before. Fixed bank booths on wc teleport. Changed Colors on player panel - easier to read? Bloodshot Boss removed from slayer task
  10. Resizable window mode not working

    yeah its being checked, have to do something with fps drop
  11. Client wont even open for me

    Please add me to skype live:comeplaywithme and ill help
  12. general store scammer! :O

    Ill sure check out this scammer and most likely end up banning him. Thanks for report
  13. Donator Benefits!

  14. Client isn't letting me log in

    taking deep look into this issue.
  15. Death's Introduction

    Welcome man!