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    Goal - Get all achievements

    By Jaden,

    Achievements - 36/102

    Time Played: 23:03:04


    Easy Tasks

    Create an account

    Use your bank

    Reach combat level 50

    Chop a tree

    Catch some fish

    Mine some ore

    Make some bars

    Craft some runes

    Bury some bones

    Fletch some arrows

    Harvest a crop

    Kill another player

    Clean a herb

    Steal from a stall

    Climb an obstacle

    Enter your home

    Make some armor

    Summon a familiar

    Complete a slayer task

    Win a duel

    Complete a quest

    Set an email

    Teleport to varrock

    Deal 1000 melee damage

    Deal 1000 range damage

    Deal 1000 magic damage

    Kill 25 Luigis

    Kill 25 Mewtwos

    Kill 25 Charmeleons

    Play the zombie minigame

    Play the hunger games

    Vote for rebel


    Medium Tasks

    Reach a killstreak of 3

    Kill 10 players

    Win 5 duels

    Kill 50 American Torvas

    Kill 50 Oreo Torvas

    Kill 50 Sky Torvas

    Defeat Nomad

    Defeat Culinaromancer

    Deal 100k melee damage

    Deal 100k range damage

    Deal 100k magic damage

    Reach 75 combat level

    Teleport to camelot

    Chop 50 trees

    Catch 50 fish

    Cook 50 fish

    Mine 50 ores

    Make 50 bars

    Craft 50 runes

    Bury 50 bones

    Fletch 50 sets of arrows

    Harvest 50 crops

    Clean 50 herbs

    Steal from 50 stalls

    Climb 50 obstacles

    Build an object in your house

    Smith 50 times

    Summon 25 familiars

    Complete 15 slayer tasks

    Vote 10 times


    Hard Tasks

    Complete all medium tasks

    Reach killstreak of 6

    Kill 30 players

    Win 10 duels

    Kill 50 Darth Mauls

    Kill 50 Cash Torvas

    Kill 50 Silver Torvas

    Deal 10,000,000 melee damage

    Deal 10,000,000 range damage

    Deal 10,000,000 magic damage

    Reach combat level 100

    Teleport to ape atol

    Chop 500 trees

    Catch 500 fish

    Mine 500 ores

    Make 500 bars

    Craft 500 runes

    Bury 500 bones

    Fletch 500 arrows

    Harvest 500 crops

    Clean 500 herbs

    Steal 500 stalls

    Climb 500 obstacles

    Build 50 objects

    Smith 500 times

    Summon 100 familiars

    Complete 50 tasks

    Vote 50 times


    Elite Tasks

    Complete all hard tasks

    Reach a killstreak of 10

    Kill 50 players

    Win 25 duels

    Kill 10k npcs

    Kill 500 bosses

    Reach max combat

    Get max skill in all skills

    Vote 100 times

    Unlock all loyalty titles











    Opening 180 Mystery Keys!

    By Jaden,

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    Suggestions from a relatively new player

    By Waffle,

    Let me start by saying I've only been on the server for a few days, so take my suggestions with that in mind. 


    What I noticed first is how hard tier progression is. If you're doing it alone without any help, it can take hours to upgrade your pieces, and the difference is minimal. If higher tier players hadn't given me equipment I feel as if I would have given up. I think this early grind for new players is what is causing them to move on. As another player said, having a point shop at the Torva zones so that you can buy gear with points would be ideal. Guarantees that players increase their tier and keeps them motivated to play. 


    I think a nerf on the Torvas in general would be good. They hit very high and even with soulsplit(which I wouldn't have if I wasn't given the bones) I got killed before using a very high tier whip. 


    Another thing that I think would keep people playing is daily tasks. Kill X amount of Torvas, skill tasks, etc that would give rewards. 


    That's the general gist of it really, I will add more if I think of anything. 


    Thanks for reading, 


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