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    Starter Guide! Step one; Choose the way you want to play. I'm going to pick normal mode for this tutorial. Step two; Run north to the bank, find jewelry store and buy a ring of recoil and amulet of strength. Now find the armour store, buy a morune helm, kite shield, boots & legs. Lastly, open the weapon store & buy a blue dragon dagger. Step three; Wield the following: Step four; Store everything in your bank and only take out the following so you should have something like this for a bank & inventory (the blue dragon dagger is only used for its special attack other wise we use the barbarian club): Step five; Type ::train and kill Luigi's ,training your attack, strength, defence & prayer by burying their bones. Stay there and kill them until you obtain at least a silver vamp sword & defender, they also drop red vamp swords/defenders, & gold vamp swords/defenders which gold are the best. Step six; After you obtain a weapon and defender from the ::train zone type ::american to go to the american torvas, stay there until you get their armour set & weapon. Step seven; Click on the red T orb right under the coin pouch, that is the teleport interface, here you will notice in the mobs category that they are in order from easiest to hardest (worst to best loots). Continue working your way down this list obtaining their weapon & armour before continuing onto the next for ultimate progress & probably the best way to obtain the next best gear, that is the point after all right? Step eight; After you complete all of the mobs and have a silver torva set of armor and weapon move onto the bosses, starting with camo boss and then winter boss. 9. (Obtaining the best armor in-game). You have two options donate for the sponsor rank to be able to take your custom over powered item to a bloodshot torva mini-boss that is in a safe zone and is a 1v1 boss so you are guaranteed your loot or do pvp to get some good wild allowed gear, best at the moment being blood whip (available in the pk point store) & go to the non-donor one in the wilderness risking your loot(s) and anything else you have on you if killed by another player. 10. This is more of just a continued tutorial on things you can do whilst have been doing the above, if you do slayer and rack up 10k slayer points you can buy a magma axe, the best weapon in-game currently. You can also obtain the best range weapons (guns) at the zombie point store. You can do ::vote every 12 hours & on each site you vote on you get 1 vote scroll, these can be sold to other players for 5-10b or you can choose to use it for your choice of double exp for limited time or 1 vote point to use at the vote store (the vote store is squirtle at ::home you can't miss him!