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    Dear Rebel317 players, We have decided to do a massive Event/Giveaway, which is a free Donator rank for everyone playing Rebel317 in a specific time-period! We will be handing these Donator ranks to all of those playing Rebel317 between 25/1-2018 and 4/2-2018. Note that this rank will be permanently given, it's yours forever! Event Starts at: 25/01-2018 12:00PM Estonian time. Event Ends at: 04/02-2018 12:00PM Estonian time. So how do I claim my Donator rank? New players will get their rank added automatically upon registration. Already registered? Trade Rebel/Baas/Mr Whale/Estpure/Chandler for a Donator Scroll worth 250 Donator Points. We are also planning on buying new YouTube videos to spread the news about this Giveaway, but we would like to ask all of our Players to spread the news aswell! Kind Regards, The Rebel317 Staff-Team.
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    My idea is an unique prestiege system. Every time you reach 1b exp on a skill you can prestiege it and gain 1 max stat. SO that means when you prestige at lvl 99 1b exp your new max is 100. And after each time you prestige your exp reduces 2% on that skill. And when you prestige under 1b you wont gain the new lvl. And the max cap would be 138 on all combat skills. It would stack with the donator stat boost and potions. PS. Only hardcore and ironman would be able to use this function(unless they would be set on a custom exp rate after the prestige) - to gain a level, the others will just recieve only prestiege. (Getting to lvl 138 would be with 78% exp reduction and well bonus, vote scroll cant boost a prestieged skills exp)
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    All 500+ Donator Points donations will get extra rewards. Each 500 Donator Points donations will get one goodiebag pick. To get your reward ingame pm me: Estpure
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    Updates from 26. - 28.01.2018 Drop system redone. Drop rates fixed. Added perks to Torva Pets Added commands that lead to forums (::beginner, ::pricelist, ::benefits) Added command ::help - requests staff assistance Fixed NPC HP reset bug Removed misc. items from stores. more to be removed Changed starter pack Vote rewards give proper amount of vote points+cash Fixed smithing - you can now use ice and morune bars on anvil Fixed DEBUG mode messages to players Fixed misc. items stats Added Rebel God armor with stats Fixed Rebel god boss drops Fixed gambling glitches Added a new npc key system. Someone should make a thread guide Fixed teleporting to wildy with pets Fixed some misc. items Made it so it doesn't drain run energy of sponsors Made bones stackable There is probably more of what I added/fixed, but I didn't write down everything. I hope you like the updates, and definitely report bugs either in-game or in forums. Suggestions are also appreciated. Yours Sincerely, Bankpin
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    Pretty good idea tho.
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    I love this idea! +1 Rep
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    I love this idea, might be a bit complicated, but if done right this could be an awesome mechanic! +1 rep
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    Hello this is Fairy5874 Aka John, I'm 22 years old guy who lives in Chicago, I love to play servers which has alot of features, chill players, and a discord to chill with some cool peps. Considering Helpful and welcome People. Thanks @SkillerProd @Estpure (LOVE YOU BOTH <3 <3 <3 ) .
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    Forgot to mention! Everyone who has donator/deluxe/sponsor , will get 250 donator points!
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    Welcome to the server! I hope u wil enjoy our server If u ever need any help u can always PM me ingame
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    Well made Guide, thanks for it ESTPURE! (YOU NASTY PURE) !
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    If you have had an issue with any player and feel you need to report it please use this format to report your issue In-game name: Offenders name: Issue: Please provide as much proof of your issue as possible, the more proof you have, the better we can help you
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    1: The grind is supposed to be hard and take awhile, if it were easy to reach the end game, what would be the point? I had to go through the grind too, and back then all the drops were around 1:1000 drop rate, so id spend a week at darth mauls and get 3 loots and feel lucky. This server has actually become much easier to go through. We aren't trying to make a server that is easy to advance though, its supposed to be hard to grind through to make each tier rewarding. On another note, the key system was implemented to make this a bit smoother for those who have bad RNG. Collect two hundred keys (roughly 80 kills) and you can take another shot at getting a loot. 2: Torvas have been nerfed and boosted a lot lately to find a good median. After many attempts at finding the perfect stats, we feel each torva is right where it should be in difficulty. As I stated in the first post, this server isn't meant to be an easy server. No participation awards here, if you want to reach the end tear, you have to embrace the grind. 3: I like this idea, we're currently about to release another update with more high tier bosses and npcs to kill adding more endgame content. Our developer has been working on it for some time now, so that will be priority. After that though this is a good idea and I will add it to our suggestions of ideas Thank you for these suggestions though, suggestions from players such as yourself help keep this server strong. If you think of anything else you'd like to see in game feel free to let us know.
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    So basically I wanted to get into editing videos and doing advertisement strategies so I have decided to create Rebel317 an advertisement youtube page! I will be posing videos weekly of a bunch of different stuff! I started it off with a simple advertisement video I hope you like it! Future videos may include: Voice Narration Giveaways Events Droplogs Goals/Achievements Let me know what you guys would like to see in the future!
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    Seriously? That's a shame because this Construction is actually really good. However now I'm more curious to see what the future will be for it! Thanks for the clarification.
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    So I've been very curious to start up Construction as it's one of those skills where I feel a sense of achievement, obviously because it's a grind to achieve 99. However I've spent the best part of 2 maybe 3 days grinding Construction with what is available and find that whilst Construction is actually working very nicely, there's some missing things obviously and the Experience Rate is seriously underwhelming. Whilst I get that it shouldn't be easy to grind to 99, I've reached Level 40 barely breaking the 40,000 XP mark... I asked about Construction in game and was told that currently it's supposed to be off limits. However minus the odd glitch where you spawn in darkness next to the portal, it actually works very well and is quite decent. I decided to grind Construction whilst the Well of Goodwill was active and promptly discovered that the XP Rate hardly changes and after some calculations I observe that with the current amount of XP I receive, it would take me around 250,000 Steel Bars to achieve 99 Construction and well I don't fancy sitting there buying 28 Steel Bars nearly 9000 times just to then click that many times again. Before you say "Oh but as you level up, you unlock different things to make" the majority of the rooms that you unlock contain items that you can't obtain to even build the stuff, this leaves the whole Steel Bars theory as they're the most simple yet efficient to obtain. What I propose is simple really, adding a shop with the multitude of required Construction items and while not necessary maybe it would be nice to increase the rate at which you gain XP? TL;DR (I know I tend to waffle on lol) Construction is great, requires Items Shop to made skill simpler, also requires a boost to the XP Rate. Thanks and hopefully this can be considered!
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    Awesome man! This is great! Thank you for making this! I look forward to future content!
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    So many of you already know me, but awhile back there was a problem with our forums and we had to reset them so my intro is gone. I decided to make this little bio to help players know me and my intentions a little better Thank you for reading this! Who am I? My name is Galen (pronounced: Gay-lin), I'm from the state Michigan, in The United States of America, and I'm 19 years old. I'm a very simple person, I love my country and love the arts. I've always been a very artistic person, been playing piano, guitar, and singing since I was 3 years old. I was on every sports team I could be on at a time in high school until junior year, when I switched to doing theater. I was in Theater for my last two years of high school. As I said, I've always loved the arts so acting was something I really loved doing. Notably I was in The Great Gatsby, Grease, Chicago, and Sleeping Beauty. I developed a passion for Improv acting while in that club and continue to do Improv shows and groups when ever I can. I decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corps a year after I finished high school. I'm currently serving active duty in the Corps. I work on servers and networks, basically I set up communications and maintain the internet and computers for the other marines to ensure they have communications back to base. Basically I'm an IT guy for the Marine Corps. I still seek out Improv when ever I can even in the corps. If I'm not on I'm likely dealing with some angry NCO or doing some dumb working party. How in the hell did I ever end up playing Runescape and Rebel317? When I was 4 I had a neighbor who was really into Rune scape, He was older than me by some years but I'd always go over to their house and hangout. I remember he would have me cut wood for him all the time to grind his levels. 1 day I decided to make my own account because he wanted to play and I wanted to play as well. He felt so betrayed and didn't talk to me for a week or so for it. Either way that was 2002 and I've been playing it ever since. My account on runescape (same user name) was created in 2002 and I still occasionally use it, but runescape 3 is trash. I started playing private servers around when the beta for the combat evolved system first came out. I saw some random spam bot in the GE saying something about one and decided to see what the hell it was talking about, to be honest I thought it was a scam to steal accounts but was pleasantly surprised. My first rsps was a 317 server, not customs server though because those didn't exist yet. That servers name was Greenscape, it got taken down a few months later. Runescape DMCA'd them for copy right material. This was when runescape did their great bot and rsps purges. I hopped between some servers but all of them kept getting shut down. I ended up at Project Rainbow when it was a newer server, they were one of the first servers to ever have customs on it. I remember loving it and eventually I became staff on there as a Server Moderator. I was a Moderator there for about 8 months before it finally shut down. They shut down due to a lack of passion from the players unfortunately. It was a very sloppy server, one of the first custom servers was their claim to fame, but the mechanics were sloppy and a lot of customs didn't look right. As more and more custom servers came out the players left PR. I quit RSPS's for a few years. I was getting my flight info for a plane ride back home on leave a few months ago but the email wasn't popping up so I checked my spam and sure enough, there was an email from a RSPS named "Rebel317" and I said "eh, I haven't played a RSPS in some years so I'll give it a try" Little did I know I'd love the community and server and want to help anyway I could to see it succeed. What are my goals as one of your staff members? -One thing you can count on from me is not being power hungry. I'm not after anything more than I already have. -What I really enjoy doing on servers is helping the players out, I love the community of this server and have made some great friends on here, and I plan to continue doing that. -My Main goal with the server is to be support for the players and provide help whenever I can. I want to keep players up to date with what's happening on the server with the constant updates from our fantastic Developer Bankpin. -I really like to grind gear and drops, even if I already have the best gear I'm always grinding to hook up my friends with some of that gear. -I give damn near all my extra loots to new players and try to give them the best experience they could want with joining a new server. So, If I'm in the military how am I supposed to be active? It's not that easy to be honest. There will be periods where I go away for weeks to a couple months at a time. It's not up to me when I leave, but I will know in advanced and I always make sure to let everyone know when I'm going to be inactive. So I'm online, and you're online but you don't know how to approach me, after all, I'm staff and that can be scary to some, how should you? Just come say hi, I'm usually active when I'm on, I won't bite I like to think I'm a very approachable person, I'm usually really chill and will just chill and talk, help you get some loots, or help with anything you need. I'm also on discord even more than I'm on the server so you can find me in general voice chat a lot if you want to talk over voice, or pm me on there. Thank you guys for reading If you see me in-game don't be a stranger, Hope you guys all have great days See you online~
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    This is just showing off the stats of each of the new melee armor and weapon pieces, hope this helps you decide what you want to grind for next Cryptic Cryptic is dropped by the "Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz" at the ::freezer teleport Costs 800 donator points each piece of armor in the Donator store Sword costs 3500 donator points in the Donator store Rare drop from Mega Mystery box Boxing Gloves Dropped by "Scorpion king" at ::Scorpion Costs 700 donator points each in the donator store Rare drop from Mega Mystery Box Rings of Power and Defense Costs 1200 Donator points each in the Donator store Burst Dropped by "Scorpion King" at ::scorpion Costs 1500 a piece in the Donator store For older items refer to Estpures guide: Good luck grinding out the drops!
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    Wow! This is an incredible guide! Thank you so much for making this for the community
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    Hunter Skill Guide Begin by locating to the Skills tab and clicking the Hunter skill. Begin by talking to the Hunting Expert NPC and buying the following: 14 Impling Jars (This is to maximise productivity, looting them will require you to have an equal amount of clear inventory spaces.) 1 Butterfly Net (For you to wield and catch Implings.) *Optional* Larupia Outfit (Useful but not necessary.) Please find a table explaining level requirements for Implings and what experience they yield below. *Disclaimer* If you are playing on Hardcore Mode, the Experience Points will be halved. If you are playing on IronMan Mode, the Experience Points remain the same. I wish you luck in your quest to achieve 99 Hunter! Happy Skilling!
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    With the new slayer Island update some of you may be wondering how it all works, but worry not, I (think) I've figured it out. (also this is my first guide and I am more than willing to take any advice on how to make it better/ corrections for mistakes I've made, etc.) How to get there- Skills tab->Slayer->teleport to slayer master -There are 16 new monsters on the island with all of the slayer masters located there as well -All monsters on the island give 1 point each kill plus the normal task completion bonus, donor/hardcore multipliers ARE applied. (example: hardcore mode with deluxe donor gets 3 points each kill) From what I've gathered Vannaka through Kuradel give mostly slayer Island tasks with a small chance to get their old tasks, such as Kuradel giving a Winter Torva task. Summona, however, will not give island related tasks at the moment. Masters/path to monsters - Beige 1. Black - Skeletal Hellhound - 97 cb - 10k hp 2. White - Ice wolf - 96 cb - 10k hp 3. Maroon - Basilisk - 61 cb - 10k hp 4. Green - Kurask - 106 cb - 10k hp 5. Grey - Wild Dog - 63 cb - 13k hp 6. Blue - Moss Giant - 42 cb - 13k hp 7. Yellow - Fire Giant - 83 cb - 13k hp 8. Red- Ice Troll - 123 cb - 13k hp 9. Orange - Baby Red Dragon - 48 cb - 13k hp 10. Dark blue - Cave Crawler - 23 cb - 13k hp and poison (40 dmg start) 11. Purple - Turoth - 87 cb - 15k hp 12. Brown - Pyrefiend - 43 cb - 15k hp 13. Pink - Experiment - 51 cb - 15k hp 14. Lime - Dwarf Gang Member - 44cb - 15k hp 15. Sky blue - The Kendal - 70 cb - 15k hp 16. Indigo - Dessouss - 139 cb - 15k hp
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    Thanks for the guide, this will surely make things easier for me navigating slayer
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    Awesome guide! Allot of people can use this since it just came out
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    very informative guide!
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    gz to all the winners!
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    This is the list of Top5 Voters of January. Name MMB Pet Box Torva Mystery box Donator points 1. Skillerprod 10 1 1 500 2. Skiller 9 1 1 400 3. Madara 8 1 1 300 4. Obito 7 1 1 200 5. Diamond 6 1 1 100 You have 1 Week to PM me in game to get this reward!!! 06.02.2018-13.02.2018 Keep Voting guys, it helps our server and there may be new rewards for Top5 Voters of Februry.
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    Congratz to everyone who won!
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    Hey y'all I'm Josh ingame jnapo Just chillin see ya in there
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    This is the best melee setup you can buy with a low budget that's actually decent for pvp and bossing. Mourne full helm(Buy from warrior at home bank) Blue cape(From Nomad Quest) Amulet of fury (or)(Buy from warrior at home bank) Gold vamp sword(Get from ::train killing luigi's) Gold vamp defender(Get from ::train killing luigi's) Mourne platebody(Buy from warrior at home bank) Blue dragon platelegs(Buy from warrior at home bank) Barrows gloves(From Reciepe for disaster Quest) Blue dragon boots(Buy from warrior at home bank) Warrior ring(Buy from warrior at home bank) After you've collected some pk points you should get yourself a "Blood whip" for 150 pk points, "TokHaar-Kal" cape for 30 pk points, "Fighter hat" for 12 pk points, "Fighter torso" for 12 pk points, "Warrior ring(i) for 20 pk points. So why these fighter things and warrior ring? I'ts to increase you're attack bonuses to attack more accurate and miss less, having some more str bonus isn't better than the ability to miss less. So, this is the deafult multi area pker/bossing inventory - You can add you're spec weapon to it. The idea of this setup is to use potions, turmoil prayer to hit hard and rocktails are for fast high heals - Take in note that this isn't for endurance. This is probably my most favorite inventory setup for long boss fights, the inventory's healing value is about 2 times more than with rocktails, + the saradom brews boost you're defense to 118 and restore potions also act as prayer potions - The dragon dagger is very good in inflicting poison damage. For range setups i'd use: Armadyl helmet(Buy from archer at home bank) Ava's accumulator(Buy from archer at home bank) Amulet of fury (or)(Buy from warrior at home bank) Dark bow(Buy from archer at home bank) Armdayl chestplate(Buy from archer at home bank) Armdayl chainskirt(Buy from archer at home bank) Barrows gloves(From Reciepe for disaster Quest) Ranger boots(Buy from archer at home bank) Archer's ring(Buy from warrior at home bank) And keep an ancient staff, Mage's book, Death, Water and Blood runes in the inventory. So when you equip those 2 items you have enough magic bonus to cast an ice barrage on someone and then spec him with a Dark bow when he puts on he's mage prayer. I wouldn't use a full mage setup.
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    hey guys <3 give it like please lets make the server grow!
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    Come get your free donator before its gone!
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    Welcome to the server Cookiemonsta! I hope you wil enjoy the server and u can always pm me ingame for any help!
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    This is a awesome idea!
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    I love the idea! Congrats to everyone on getting donator
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    Thanks this wil help out the players
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    Thanks to all of you!
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    Great guide i used it myself really saved alot of time because of this guide keep it up
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    Amazing guide keep it up
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    Very detailed guide used it myself amazing guide!
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    Detailed guide good if some players dont know about it
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    All the details are in it amazing guide
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    Hello everyone, Fate Lies here. I'm 22 years old currently a freshman in college. I just recently left the United States Marine Corps after 4 years. I'm currently studying police science for those that want to know. This server so far is very custom and everything about it is simply amazing. Absolutely stellar community; it's rare to see that now.
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    Welcome to the server and I hope you enjoy your stay!
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    You just left the Marine Corps? Message me ingame sometime, I'm currently in the marines. King of battle is in the army as well! There's a good amount of military people who play on here so pm me man! Great intro!
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    +1 Support! This would be awesome!!!
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    Would be nice if added into the game.