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  3. Giveaway!!!

    IGN: DrCox Good luck all
  4. Giveaway!!!

    IGN= Iamlegion good luck to all =)
  5. Giveaway!!!

    ign killer4015
  6. Earlier
  7. Giveaway!!!

    goodluckk me and ofcourse u guys to <3 IGN: diango
  8. Giveaway!!!

    IGN: Dombilipower GL All
  9. Giveaway!!!

    gl everyone
  10. Giveaway!!!

  11. Giveaway!!!

  12. Giveaway!!!

  13. Giveaway!!!

  14. Giveaway!!!

    IGN: Godspeed GLLLL
  15. Giveaway!!!

    ing: Jealous Gl All
  16. Phoenix Guide

    Awesome guide!
  17. Immortalem Paintball group

    Hey guys, me and some of my buddies who are stationed with me out in camp Lejeune, North Carolina decided to make a paintball team, the gopro died like an hour into the recording so I didn't get most of our games, but from what I did get, this is what I put together! If you like the video please show some support on it! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Immortalempaintball/?notif_id=1520749656622805&notif_t=page_fan&ref=notif YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYr3SrfFEMIC82n7Qm300yg (Posted in Other because it has nothing to do with rebel317 and the videos section is for rebel317 related videos)
  18. Phoenix Guide

    Guide on Phoenix Boss Requirements: 64 Magic to teleport to Ape Atoll 75 Agility to pass the Bamboo Gate 92 Slayer to pass the Bamboo Gate Banana To Teleport to Ape Atoll u will need a banana and for a Banana u need to teleport to Karamja. To Teleport to Karamja u will need 500 Luigi Bones dropped by Luigis at ::Train Then go to ::Home at the West side u will see Ned After u have teleport to Karamja walk West until u see the Banana Trees Then pick a Banana Go to ::Home Bank Buy 2 Water Runes 2 Fire Runes 2 Law Runes from the Mage Then u need to Teleport to Ape Atoll Now you are at Ape Atoll u Run to the West Side After u run to the South-West side u will see the following then u go there and u will see The Bamboo Gate U will need 92 Slayer and 75 Agility to Open the Gate After u Enter the gate run South-West And then u will See the Phoenix Note: U cant kill Phoenix with Melee so Only Range/Mage Phoenix has 9,5k Hp Slayer Master Sumona (Lvl 92) Gives Phoenix As A Slayer Task Phoenix drops Egyptian Sword
  19. Giveaway!!!

    List of players who entered to Drop Collector giveaway. Winners are: Final Blow Metoo
  20. Giveaway!!!

    good luck everyone IGN I rape U
  21. Giveaway!!!

    Gl all, IGN: x blessed
  22. Giveaway!!!

    ign : Davebl
  23. Giveaway!!!

    IGN Naruto lesgetit
  24. Giveaway!!!

    goodluck evryone!
  25. Giveaway!!!

    Ign= Iamlegion gl to all
  26. Giveaway!!!

    ign: Meyr
  27. Giveaway!!!

  28. Notepad - copy - past - ideas

    Non teleport to extra new bosses and npcs over the map, with unquie benerfical rewards simpler vote system. basic osrs rsps simple slayer sytem with unquies added in total level and combat level requiments for customs custom skill/cmb req's exp. best items req 500, 750, 1000 1500 1800 2100 total lvl to encourage skilling etc lower exp rates on hc took me under 40 mins to go from 3 cmbt to 127 with low-mid lvl gear not really hc i guess. should be atleast 2-3 days for a hardcore account to max attc str def pray etc it would be more off quality off life update Other gear to wear over Torva that is melle and good, like atleast 4-5 sets totally diffrent then torva design and low-mid-high-extreme tier gear sets, more viable melle weapons, scyths, katanas, duelswords, bowswords, with stats better and worse then whips soooo much torva and whips all i see its great but linar, i wanna get lost in items exploreing a new land sorta thing. Hidden dungeons with dope npcs on the map for explorerers to find. abit like my first idea off random npcs over map w/o tele Mkey revamp i hear the hoarders and merchs shout. make the box useful for low-mid tier ppl and chance off rare af item in like 1/35k keys That shall be all for now tied and thanks for reading please leave feedback
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