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About Rebel317

Rebel317 is new runescape private server, which is mostly based on customs. Why are we unique? We have a lot of npcs/bosses to kill, we have all working skills, we have 3 different modes, and which is sost interesting, we have working pk! Ps: we do not allow anyone to go wildy with overpowered items. Why not check us out!!

Latest News

Player owned shop added, Trade dupe fixed (happily no one didnt abuse), Gambling dupe fixed (happily no one didnt abuse), Hunter added (puro puro), Mac issues fixed - loads of people were not able to connect before, Fixed donor store - sponsor rank were gone, Fixed Ring Of Wealth - gives real drop rate now, Removed black headband from mega mystery box, Added ::well command - easier to get there, Fixed admin rank - admins can no trade\drop etc, Well of goodwill is now 2b per activation instead of 100m.


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1) Estpure
2) Link
3) Retaliate
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5) Spark
6) Adolf Hitler
7) Hitler
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9) Griz
10) Jex