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Mmiinntt's Suggestions.

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Adding more variety to server (:


- Update prestige point store, possibly adding decent weps such as air whip.

- Add more variety to ::pointzone monsters. Such as new monsters, maybe pikachu ;)

- Add in some decent starter gear to vote store, incentive for starters to vote instantly.

- Pets! Monster, Boss & Skill pets. Some having particular bonuses such as str, prayer, drop rate and even 2x rebel pts bonuses.

- Monster Points Store. Adding a points system for each monster kill, and maybe a drop rate bonus at certain npc kills. E.g 1k Npc Kills = 2%

- Starter Points Store, similar to my suggestion above. But primarily luigi pts, i know there is rebel points which is similar, however they can be a real grind and most things in store worth buying are very difficult to get. Main reasoning behind this suggestion is to gain the attention of new players instantly.

- Moving well of goodwill to home, and increasing price.

- Making a home boss, that appears every 2hours or so. With high hp. (making sure it doesn't heal itself like others when its not attacked)

- Skill points, maybe for outfits, costumes, mainly fashionscape gear.

- Adding a minigame which involves several players. Such as pest control, or maybe a custom minigame.

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I like all of this also Castlewarrsssss

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