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Kungfu Kenny's Suggestions and Ideas

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I will try to update this list to reflect new bugs or problems I find, and I will remove items if they are actually implemented. 



Big ideas:


  • Implement a scrap or re-roll system for excess items from mystery chest
    • scrap system: assign weapons and armour a tier list, provide a way to trade in excess items from mystery chest for scraps and create a scrap store or way to build items with scraps. amount of scraps given for each item based on it's tier.
      • Example: put in bandos scimitar; get 5 scraps..... create a 
    • reroll system: put in a certain amount of items of a certain tier and get back 1 item of 1 tier higher.
      • Example: put in 3 purgatory platebodies, a tiger katana, and an ancient scimitar; get a oreo platelegs
  • Get rid of dealing w/ cash in inventory. It gets annoying having to throw cash into pouch every 5 mins. Make it where cash automatically goes to pouch when picked up or selling an item;.
  • Make mage and range relevant
    • Make 1 of the guns obtainable without donating and give it "relevant" stats
    • give the skairu staff better mage bonus than +10 (blue dragon staff FROM THE MAGE SHOP gives +100)(If nothing else, lower blue dragon staff stats and put skairu at +100)
    • add some custom mage armor
    • add some npcs like the torvas that drop only mage/range gear


Smaller Ideas:


  • add a CELTICS HAT ;)
  • add a couple winter camo spawns
  • add some level requirements for gear
  • add some better amulets
  • make well more expensive(make it 10b per 2 hours so that people would have to pool together). would help the economy i think
  • add some more money sinks
  • add the ability to claim all vote scrolls at once
  • add the ability to combine a slayer helmet with a torva helmet to get the stats of the torva while still getting the slayer task bonus dmg of the slayer helmet



Suggested fixes:


  • (my opinion; may not be accurate) i dont believe drop rates are accurate. ive killed a lot of oreo torvas (at least 200;some with ring of wealth), and i've only gotten 1 oreo armour piece, although its a 1:45 droprate. Yes, I realize this may just be bad luck.
  • shop names and point names are inconsistent with each other
  • black text in chat is very hard to read in resizable mode
  • opening rebel point store displays "dreamer points: 0" in chat
  • dragon slayer sword only costs 25 rebel points(i assume it isnt supposed to be this way since all other weps are like 300+ points)
  • when using ::reward to claim vote scrolls, cant claim all scrolls at once time. For example to claim 8 scrolls, you would have to do like ::reward 5 then ::reward 3.
  • vote reward option of 1 vote pt and 1m.... 1m is way too low, this amount is literally equal to 1 shark. I would say 500m-1b per vote would be reasonable'
  • the mechanic where npcs restore health when you stop attacking them.... is a little too aggressive. for example, when fighting winter camo torva, sometimes repotting will reset its HP to full
  • ring of wealth should not cost 5k slayer pts(maybe 2k)
  • stat adjustment section of ancient curses is simply incorrect. sometimes it says like +52% strength, which is definitely not right
  • the pk set guy at home, in the chat says the sets are like 1.5m-3m, but theyre actually like 1b-3b
  • sometimes when killing torvas, a drop simply doesn't appear
  • air runes sprite is incorrect
  • anti aliasing causes unavoidable lag (on a i7-7700k, gtx 1060 system)

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Good ideas ^.^ forgot colored slayer helms :P

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