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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)!

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(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q:  Who is the owner of Rebel?

A:   @Rebel is the Founder, Owner & Developer of Rebel.

A:   @Xett is developer.


Q:  When is Rebel scheduled to be released?

A:  Rebel is scheduled to be released on (will update with answer here when I know).


Q:  Where can I download the client? I want to play!

A:  You may download the client by clicking 'PLAY' on top.


Q: My client is not working/loading, how can I resolve my issue(s)?

A: Be sure to check Knowledge Base or request assistance in Community Support, last resort PM a staff member.


Q:  Where can I find donation benefits?

A:  Donator ranks and information can be found in the Knowledge Base.


Q: Where can I request my forum rank?

A: You may request a forum rank on category "Rank Request (Donators)".


Q: How or where do I vote?

A: To vote, simply use the "::vote" command (in game) to be redirected to our voting page or click 'VOTE' on top.


Q: Where can I find the latest updates?

A: The latest Rebel updates can be found on category "Rebel Updates".


Q: Am I allowed to apply for a staff position?

A: Yes. Please read the sticky for each position you'd like to apply for within the REBEL APPLICATIONS category.


Q: I forgot my account details. How do I go about recovering them?

A: You may request account assistance in the "REBEL SUPPORT" category.


Q: I got banned/muted. Can I appeal?

A: Yes, you may file an appeal in the "ACCOUNT RECOVERY" Section.


Q: Where do I report a staff member or player?

A: Reports need to be posted in the "REPORTS" Section.


Q: I found a bug. Where do I report it?

A: All bug reports need to be posted in the "REPORTS" Section.

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