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  1. 14 hours ago, Rebel said:

    Ill sure check out this scammer and most likely end up banning him.

    Thanks for report :D

    no worries mate always here to help! hope he gets banned! <3

  2. i recently was doing some thieving at ::Ddzone with my good friend "kingofbattle" and we both sold roughly 400 blue shields each to the general store which would be roughly 9-10b. with money this big it would go straight into the money pouch we have and a notification in the chat to say it has gone in there would pop up. we got the notification but not the money, it has happened a few times now. hope this can be sorted soon! dont wana be missing out on money. good 20b+ now :P


    ps, love this server! keep up the good work! lets get this server out there!