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  1. donor rank request

  2. Mmiinntt's Rank Request

  3. Big Sale!

    Goodluck selling it !
  4. Medic's Intro

    Welcome Medic! Hope you enjoy the server so far If you got any question you can hit me up, or any other staff members!
  5. Your favorite music/song?

    Show me the world of music, Here is one I get my chill modus on!
  6. [V1] Show the LOOT and WIN!

    Show your sickest drop/loot from PK or PVM and WIN We will be doing this every week, so a winner & chance to win for everyone! Rules: 1. It must be recorded! So no pictures/screenshots. 2. Your in-game name must be shown on the record/vid. 3. Every drop from NPC is logged, so do not try to fake it. 4. One vid/record for each player, so after posted vid no changing. PRICE (OPENING PRICE): Rainbow Whip. GOODLUCK & HAVE FUN!
  7. Sean's Rank Request

    Done & Locked.
  8. Reporting "zack" for scamming

    I will discuss this with @Rebel and come back to it right away. Thanks for the report.
  9. Update 12.10.2017

    The update they all have been waiting for
  10. First of all thanks for helping us out with some great drop idea's! Please leave a reply with the format filled in, every drop suggestion will be looked at! Un-completed forms will be ignored.
  11. Drop Suggestions [REPLY HERE]

    XP Lamps as rare drop is a good one, and yes on the regular drops more skilling items will be added. Nah thinking of just NPC's make them drop, some easy npc's as hard ones.
  12. Makaveli's Intro

    Welcome and enjoy! Im a father too, got a baby son 1,5 years young
  13. Official Staff List

    Owner Rebel Baas Web Developer - Developer - Global Administrator Mr Whale Forum Administrator Goofy Server Administrator Death Global Moderator - Forum Moderator - Server Moderator - Trial Forum Moderator Polar Trial Server Moderator BaconBurger Zedd Estpure Resignations/Demotions Promotions
  14. [V1] Win 25duels Achievment, and WIN.

    Winner chicken dinner! Congrats.
  15. Next weekly event is here! Fight other players in duel arena! Win 25 duels and win: 10x Goodluck and have fun! Faking it won't help. We log everything.
  16. Hi Everyone!

    welcome! hope you enjoy the server so far!
  17. [V1] Show the LOOT and WIN!

    LOL, thanks dude Thats why all those questions ^^
  18. Hey guys

    Welcome to Rebel317. Hope you enjoy the server so far. We will meet for sure!
  19. 100 Sky Torva Kills (Drop Log)

    I will ask for the drop rate on the Ring of Wealth, and see if we can make it easier to drop Thnx for the rapport tho!
  20. [V1] Show the LOOT and WIN!

    Well you might ask for high level fights, same thing as I told sicco blue
  21. How famous is the person above you?

  22. [V1] Show the LOOT and WIN!

    I disagree, bosses drop good loot. And you can pk by asking for high risk fights? The point is that you get your loot dropped from an NPC or player.
  23. Currently we are not looking for new staff members. But feel free to fill in the "application form" when ever you like. Those will be checked, and saved for the next applications round.
  24. lukees' rank request.

  25. KingOfBattle's Rank Request