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  1. Your favorite music/song?

    Show me the world of music, Here is one I get my chill modus on!
  2. Daily Giveaway!

    Winner of 500x rebel bucks is Baller pk10 GZ!
  3. Daily Giveaway!

    DAILY GIVEAWAY As always we like to keep our players happy by giving away items everyday! Since a few weeks, we keep giving away Mega Mystery Boxes (MMB) almost everyday which I think is a great idea. You can get a chance to get rich or get none The amount of players that enter the give away is just amazing, everyone shows the will of winning those Mega Mystery Boxes (MMB). That made me think about the give aways, since it one of the things that keeps u guys playing around and stay active as community. So I've created a daily give away event, we will be giving out all kind of items! Their will be different ways to enter this giveaway, but one thing that you always have to do is being online on the server (in-game). The daily give aways wont always be the same event, so make sure to keep and good eye on the chat. The event leader(staff members) will keep you updated with "hints" ingame or discord! Main event leader is SkillerProd Previous winner(s): - Sick 1x Donator Status - Baller PK10 500x Rebel Bucks _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Second Give away for this event!: 1x - Enter the - give away by replying here.
  4. Daily Giveaway!

    Picking winner for second give away on ; 17-1-2018
  5. 10x MMB's! GIVE AWAY!

  6. 10x MMB's! GIVE AWAY!

    If we reach 25 likes on our FACEBOOK PAGE, we will give away 10x mega mystery boxes! We will pickout a winner on 25likes! Checkout the facebook page for more information! BONUS + 500 DONOR SCROLLS
  7. My client freezes every time I log in

    If you can login, pm me. Cant see you online.
  8. Daily Giveaway!

    REPLY UNDER THIS POST TO ENTER THE: 500x Rebel Bucks give away!
  9. Daily Giveaway!

    WINNER: Mr Frosty http://prntscr.com/hznqea
  10. This page shows the status of the server when offline, also you will find the reason on downtime. Notice; we try keeping the downtime as low as possible! Mostly when server is offline it's due a necessary VPS update, or an unknown error/problem. 11-1-2018- Downtime Due VPS Migration. (SOLVED) (re-OPEN client, to reload.) 6-1-2018 - Downtime Due VPS issues. (SOLVED) (re-download the client!)
  11. Server Status

    11-1-2018- Downtime Due VPS Migration. (SOLVED) (re-OPEN client, to reload.)
  12. Server Status

    11-1-2018- Downtime Due VPS Migration. (approx time: 45minutes)
  13. suggestions to model for ingame!

    Looks fun! But cannot be done!
  14. We started a new semi-staff group on our discord & forums called "Helper". Currently we have 3 open spots for this rank, you can not apply for it ! So if you can not apply for this position, how do you get it? EARN IT! Third Helper "Madara" congrats! #1 SkillerProd (promoted to Trial Server Moderator.) #2 Chandler (promoted to Trial Server Moderator.) #3 Madara
  15. Official Staff List

    Owner Rebel Baas Web Developer Baas Developer Rebel Community Manager Mr Whale Global Administrator - Forum Administrator - Server Administrator - Global Moderator Estpure Forum Moderator Polarbear Goofy Server Moderator Skillerprod Chandler Trial Forum Moderator - Trial Server Moderator Madara Helper Kingofbattle Resignations/Demotions Promotions
  16. Swizzle Rank Request

  17. How famous is the person above you?

  18. Own CSGO Content

    If you are interested in some CS:GO content of mine see my channel Appreciating a sub if you like it https://www.youtube.com/user/moughouzB/videos?view_as=subscriber
  19. Application Format & Guidelines

    Post your application form HERE.
  20. Clue Scrolls

    It's creative thinking, but not adding it sorry!
  21. [BAAS] Request Signature!

    If you would like me to make you a signature reply here! Recent work: For Community: For myself: For Chandler: For SkillerProd: For Madara: For Estpure: ON LIST FOR MAKING ONE: - SkillerProd - Madara - Estpure - Corolla - Gallars - KingOfBattle Making backgrounds on request, not really good at it but WC