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    Hello everyone, My name is Will or you can call me dead fury whichever lol. I've been looking for a good small server to join and play on. It's no fun playing on big servers in my opinion. So here is a little bit about me, I'm from the Eastern side of the United States, I'm 23 years old, I work full time so I don't play much during the week but a few hours after work and during the weekends ill be able to spend more time on here. I'm a mechanic by trade so my days are always long and tiring and sometimes painful lol. I have started playing runescape back in 2006 and a few years later I joined the private server crowd and I've been here ever since. I have hosted a few of my own servers and have also helped run a few servers all while learning forums and becoming a forum developer. Hopefully, I can help out in the server and do my part to help make this a great and wonderful community. Hopefully I see y'all in game!