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  1. How famous is the person above you?

    Just as the title says, rate 1-10 in a post below about how famous the person above you is and have fun with it!
  2. KingOfBattle's Introduction

    Hi everyone. I'm KingOfBattle and I've met quite a few of you already and have made many great friends. A few things about me: I've played RuneScape and RSPS for approximately 7 or 8 years now. I've owned a few RSPS servers myself throughout the time. I've recently come back to RSPS when I got an email from Rebel317 to join their up and coming community. I love to play video games and chill out mostly in-game. IRL I am in the United States Army, going on my 3rd year in July and I absolutely love it. Any other questions feel free to comment below and ask or meet up with me in-game! Hope to see you in-game in the future! Respectfully, KingOfBattle
  3. KingOfBattle's Introduction

    Thanks! Haha!
  4. KingOfBattle's Rank Request

    Hi, I'm requesting my Deluxe Donator rank.
  5. Thieving DZONE+

    I was thinking perhaps more items with a small probability of actually getting it. Chainbodys(1:50), legs(1:30), etc.
  6. Well of Goodwill Location

    Thank you for making this thread, I used it as a reference! +1
  7. general store scammer! :O

    Can confirm, this isn't the first time that the general store has taken my items, wasn't sure if it was just me.