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  1. sponsor me baby

    post a screenshot of you being a sponsor ingame please
  2. Update 12.10.2017

    whats better then no job? a blowjob i mean good job!
  3. Makaveli's Intro

    welcome =) enjoy your stay
  4. Makaveli's rank

    please post proof of you having a rank ingame
  5. KingOfBattle's Introduction

    welcome ma dude
  6. Polars Rank Request

  7. Client wont even open for me

  8. [V1] Show the LOOT and WIN!

    you obviously mean pvm and not pvp
  9. OSRS Items?

    New content will be added altho we can't promise it to be OSRS content
  10. Thieving DZONE+

    This suggestion is denied as this would become one big autoclick fest.
  11. rank request

    Ing Name: goofy Rank on game: deluxe Proof: http://prntscr.com/hewc5b
  12. ayeeee

    wsup lads, joined today and i'am really enjoying the server so far. GJ @Rebel
  13. He's Forums Applicaitons

    i believe you did not check the requirements