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  1. OSRS Items?

    Hi, I don't know if these items are already obtainable, if they are, I havn't seen any, but I think it could be cool to have items from OSRS such as the drops from zulrah(e.g toxic blowpipe, serp helm) and raids(e.g twisted bow, bulwark), these items could be added to seperate bosses or something, either way I think they would make a great addition.
  2. Torva Points Shop.

    I agree with this suggestion, gives you the possibility of eventually getting something or even the ability to choose which bit after a long grind.
  3. Well of Goodwill Location

    nice little guide, could use some info on what you get from donating to the well though
  4. Donation didn't work properly

    Sorry for double post, but this topic has now been dealt with, any admin on moderator can delete or lock this post, thank you.
  5. Donation didn't work properly

    Hi, i just donated for 100 donator points, and after i used the in game item to claim them, it has given me 10 points instead of the 100 i donated for? please can someone help me with this? i have attached the message in game as a screenshot, if needed i can give paypal receipt too. Thank you
  6. Point Zone Guide

    This is a very detailed and useful guide, i especially like the pictures for each item's stats, so thank you for putting this together
  7. Donation didn't work properly

    Ok i will try that.