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  1. Beginner's Advice

    So, the best thing to do is probably thieve a little bit more then 2B (around 3b) and get this setup right here Then you go to the luigis and raise your combat. You'll probably get a vamp sword. I've gotten it on my 10th kill. Raise your stats, then the Torvas. Shouts out to Mmiinntt. He's a cool guy! visit his guide, he's awesome! Remember to bury the luigi bones.
  2. The goal; Guide Perfect

    The perfect guides for Rebel317. https://discord.gg/XxvbpMZ if ya wanna be chill; help making guides
  3. Adore Delano Introduction

    Quite a weird Alias. Welcome though.
  4. Death's Introduction

    Nice to meet you, Jay.
  5. I'm Myst.

    Well, I'm Myst. I strive to make everything perfect. I'm 23 years old. My alias; Myst; duh. Well, I'm a weeb. A very big one, infact... I love my anime. I' dont think you really need to know my gender. My job? I work online. I like my food fresh. My favourite food is Indian Curry. I like spicy foods. I'm a PVMer. Yeah. I spend massive time on pvming, helping people and obviously; striving to achieve perfect. Bye. If there's any questions, please comment. As I once said ''No man is Perfect, but he can achieve something Perfect.'' - Myst 2018.
  6. Mmiinntt's Beginners Guide.

    plus, you need to lvl up your defense, attack, strength before even accesing that gear also; if you really want, we could probably perfect this guide, even though i'm a new player
  7. Mmiinntt's Beginners Guide.

    Hi! I've noticed some weaknesses in your ''begginers guide'' If you thieve just a little more, you can get stronger gear! The Blue Dragon Flail instead of the Dagger. With 80 thieving, it's no problem! well, yeah.