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  1. Mmiinntt's Suggestions.

    Adding more variety to server (: - Update prestige point store, possibly adding decent weps such as air whip. - Add more variety to ::pointzone monsters. Such as new monsters, maybe pikachu - Add in some decent starter gear to vote store, incentive for starters to vote instantly. - Pets! Monster, Boss & Skill pets. Some having particular bonuses such as str, prayer, drop rate and even 2x rebel pts bonuses. - Monster Points Store. Adding a points system for each monster kill, and maybe a drop rate bonus at certain npc kills. E.g 1k Npc Kills = 2% - Starter Points Store, similar to my suggestion above. But primarily luigi pts, i know there is rebel points which is similar, however they can be a real grind and most things in store worth buying are very difficult to get. Main reasoning behind this suggestion is to gain the attention of new players instantly. - Moving well of goodwill to home, and increasing price. - Making a home boss, that appears every 2hours or so. With high hp. (making sure it doesn't heal itself like others when its not attacked) - Skill points, maybe for outfits, costumes, mainly fashionscape gear. - Adding a minigame which involves several players. Such as pest control, or maybe a custom minigame.
  2. 20 Mbox Loot

    Hey Rebels. Just wanted to give everyone a rough idea of what you can get from Mystery Boxes I bought 20 Mbox's from Rebel Pts Shop, Worth 10k pts. You can obtain pts at ::pointzone.
  3. Torva Points Shop.

    Hey all. Quick suggestion. A Torva Points Shop, so after killing each torva mob you get a point respective to that mob. E.g. After killing 100 american torvas with no drop, you have 100 points to spend at the american torva shop. Maybe making Helm, Plate & Legs 100 points. Gloves & Boots 80. And Whip 150. So at least you get something. After grinding for such a long time its painful to not get anything at all. Plus it will boost economy a bit aswell.
  4. Mmiinntt's Beginners Guide.

    Hey Rebels. Thought i would do my own take on a beginners guide, as most new players are asking a lot of questions. Take note that this is my first attempt at making a guide and are only my suggestions. All in all you can play however you choose to. Enjoy. First things first. Which game mode to play. Normal - Name speaks for itself, no added bonuses with regular xp and drop rates. Ironman - Once again, if you've played an ironman account well than its pretty self explanatory. No trading other players. Hardcore - Half the xp of a regular player, however you receive bonuses such as 3x prestige pts, 2x slayer pts, 1.5x rebel pts and a 5% drop rate bonus. Still with the ability to trade. For this guide ill be playing as a normal player. #1 Money. We all want it, and we all need it. You will notice a lot of the items such as equipment and consumables are quite expensive. So its a lot easier to have a bit of money on hand before we start doing things. Take note you can access all skills by clicking on them in the skill tab. So let's head to Thieving. After spending roughly 5-10 minutes here you should have 80+ thieving and around 2B in cash. You can always come back later on to stock up your money pouch. #2 PVM. Pretty much the main thing behind custom servers. So let's get straight into it. With your 2B this is the setup which i recommend buying. Once your all setup and ready to go, Teleport to ::train. Which you can also find in the red teleport tab located next to money pouch. Luigi's will drop your starter gear such as swords, defenders, bones and mkeys. Bury bones as you go because 43 prayer is almost necessary when you start killing harder monsters. If you choose to use on altar, click on your prayer skill. Stick around until you reach a higher combat lvl, and on the way you should get a few drops. You're going to get achievements along the way which is just an added bonus for the money pouch. If you're getting unlucky on drops, ask around and some players might sell you their old gear. #3 Summoning. A steel titan is going to be your best friend through out all of your adventures. Now you can choose to do this before you start training as it is a huge help! Either way you are going to want to do it eventually. For this you need roughly 200m-500m. All the items you need for summoning are able to be purchased from a shop, Including charms. I will hopefully be making a summoning guide in the near future, however its pretty simple. Make whatever you can until Lv 79 where you can make Fire titans. At Lv 89 Geyser titans until 99. Obviously gold charm familiars will give you less xp. So experiment a bit and before you know it you will be Lv 99. It took me around 20 minutes semi afk. Make sure to renew your summoning points before you leave. #4 Slayer. Now i suggest this for a few reasons. One, being that the slayer pts shop has some gear which you can either sell or use yourself. Ring of wealth at 3500 points. Magma shield at 1000 points Magma battleaxe at 10000 points. Ring of wealth as an obvious help with 25% drop rate bonus. Selling to players for 2t. Magma shield being one of the better shields ingame atm. Selling to players for 800b. And magma battleaxe one of the strongest weps ingame atm. Selling to players for 2t. Two, being that it just mixes things up a bit, instead of grinding the one monster. You can explore the map killing different mobs. #5 Torva Mobs. Once you're happy with the gear you got, load up your invent with your steel titan, restore pots and some food and head to American Torvas. You will see in your teleporting tab that it ranges from American Torvas up to Silver. Americans being the easiest and slowly getting harder up the chain. With your steel titan a few drops along the way, you should be getting stronger and stronger. If you are unlucky enough to get duplicate drops, there is a good chance other players will be willing to trade or buy. If you have any questions or queries feel free to ask ingame. Good luck and most of all have fun! If any body has any suggestions or comments please let me know. Thankyou. Mmiinntt.