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  1. How famous is the person above you?

    7 maybe? not to be rude but I don't actually know you all that well but I know others know you.
  2. general store scammer! :O

    There's a very temporary fix for this kind of issue, pull out 2147m from your pouch then sell, because the base item cost would put you over max stack it instead forces it into your pouch as it should normally. The logic fails to understand that it can't put more than 2147m into your inventory so instead gives -1 (and since items can't go negative it simply doesn't exist)
  3. I am Zedd.

    I'm going to preface my introduction with a simple statement. Now that we're done with that let's get down to details. Name: Eric Age: 22 IGN: Zedd(obviously) Well I guess I can get into other gritty details.. I speak fluent German, Russian, French, Japanese, and Korean. I for a long time since I was young (roughly the age of 6-7 have been playing RPG games such as Diablo (1/2), Fallout, Elder scrolls etc. Have been playing RSPS since 08'ish and was an admin and mod in several including the now defunct Butter scape and Dragonscape.. Along with being an Administrator for a Warrock, and Crossfire Private server (back when they were a thing... kinda?) Owned and operated 2 separate 317 servers (both now defunct obviously). I'm deeply interested in seeing how Rebel317 progresses . Due in part to knowing how quickly a private server can fail.