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  1. Daily Giveaway!

    Kgn : ryan
  2. suggestions to model for ingame!

    Don't think that's the issue here. The whole game is copied. Think the issue would be making them into 3D models and implementing them that way.. Takes days; if not weeks, even for professionals... That's not taking into consideration the programs needed.
  3. Clue Scrolls

    Clue scrolls with rewards such as rainbow torva, rares, winter torva, silver torva etc. These clue scrolls would be extremely rare from american torvas/luigis (1/2000 or 1/1750), and slightly more common at winter/camo etc (1/100 or 1/150 etc). Something different, adds content and some more drops to go for. Possibly add a clue counter too so people can compete as to 'who's done the most clues' ?
  4. Ryan's Intro

    Hey all, I haven't done one of these yet so thougth I might as well. My name is Ryan and i'm from England in the UK. I've played Runescape on and off since 2006 and i'm 21 years old. I've been playing the server non-stop for the last few days so most of you have probably got to know me already. I've also been on the discord chatting away, for anyone who'd like a chat anytime Hope to see you all soon if I haven't already.
  5. Update 1/5/18

    Good updates tbh. Flower poker also bugs when you plant 4OAK. Counts as a bust. Not sure what happens with 5OAK though.
  6. GFX for Baas

    I'd love one.
  7. GFX for Baas

    Do you do these for free? I wouldn't mind one if you did
  8. Gambling improvements #2

    Scrap the last thread, I think adding a shop with a dice bag and mithril seeds in (Similarly to elkoy) would be a better idea. Firstly, flower poker is heavily bugged. Plants are on top of each other, it's hard to see what has been planted and impossible to see if you've beaten your opposition until afterwards. Furthermore, if you get 4 of a kind, it equals a bust. I got 4OAK vs Skillerprod's bust and it said we tied. Of course Skillerprod paid up after, but it's a glitch in a 'safe system'. Dice duels are fine but there is no control. People like to plant at their own occord and feel in control of when/how they gamble as much as possible. I've spoken to Skillerprod (Mod) and he also thinks this would suit the community better. Others share the opinion too, and the reason is because it brings a closer sense of community. I understand this also gives the opportunity to scam; but similarly to successful gambling communities such as elkoy (again), people learn who they can/can't trust, clans come into place etc. The ability to have control is also a big one, which a lot of people prefer, and to be able to plant/roll how they want and when they want. As I mentioned in the previous suggestion thread, gambling is a huge part of RSPS' and brings communities alone, and makes interesting and likable content for content creators and viewers. As I said, it has its side effects such as scamming etc, but with firm rules in place and encouragement of recording at all times and betting at your own risk, this can be combatted. Any scammers will be dealt with accordingly, and whether the player is refunded or not would be totally up to the Owner (of course). I encourage you to consider this, as it has more positives than negatives whilst gambling is actually implemented; or until the current system is 100% reliable. Thanks for reading
  9. GFX for Estpure

    Bottom one
  10. New People Only BIG GIVEAWAY! [Under 24 hours]

    I gave mine to Alex, a newcomer. Iamlegion also helped him. Nice start.
  11. Add 1 more of each Boss

    Please add another boss to each boss area. I understand this is a donator+ feature, and donating gives you access to private bossing areas, but as the server grows it'll be required even more so... If somebody with lesser gear is doing a slayer task (for example winter boss), and somebody comes with full rainbow.. It's impossible and a waste of time. Even if it's just adding 1, it'll be helpful.
  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR !! [2018]

    <3 plz plz pzl ;D
  13. Gambling improvements

    Yeah DD Isn't bad actually. Maybe make the number text red though.
  14. Gambling improvements

    As you all probably are aware, gambling is a huge part of many RSPS's. Althought this may not be a priority or an aim to extend/encourage, gambling is usually staking/dice duel/flower poker. I know these options are available with 100% safety... but the flowers plant on top of eachother, and it's hard to keep track of what you/the opposition have got. It's kinda like it's not even flower poker... on top of this, the flowers don't stay planted, which I think is kinda boring and once again one of the reasons why it's hard to see what both have got. Dice duels isn't as bad, but t's really quick. Maybe slow it a little. Whether this is a priority or not, it's definitely a spot that needs improving... Gambling attracts a new audience in the RSPS scenary, also makes good youtube videos which people enjoy watching; welcoming new players and potential donations.
  15. Gambling improvements

    I'm aware. Try it youself and tell me you can keep up with it. If you think it's a high standard then I don't know what standards are. This is a suggestion, not a rant or complaint. I'm making a point. "you got red" "they got pastel" "you got red" "they got blue" "they got orange" "you got pastel" Meanwhile, yell and clan chat is flowing.... It's not easy to keep track of, when it's every 0.5 - 1 second.