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  1. Frozen bosses

    This is known with every boss. Thanks for the report though!
  2. suggestions to model for ingame!

    technically Jagex doesn't hold a copyright or patent on their 317 server, so no lawsuit there.
  3. suggestions to model for ingame!

    they would be nice to see, but each one is copyrighted, so we would end up getting sued.

    Congratulations and welcome to the team!
  5. Daily Giveaway!

    Love the idea of doing this! Thanks to everyone who enters and good luck to everyone!
  6. Adding some slight changes

    Figured it would be good to give you a list, so you can just look at it and be like okay, what is still needing to be done. And of course you choose the content that gets in the game!
  7. Adding some slight changes

    Let's take a look at some small things that could be added quickly and make the game slightly more interesting: Add range bonus to all guns (including Thundergun to make it best in-game) Add Accumulator affect to Sirenic Tendrils (costs 250 points) Add stats and rune effect to Staff of Gods (currently 100 points) Make money go to coin pouch when selling items to shop (such as mourne/blue dragon items) Increase hit speed on magic Take away imp jars from Hunter skill Add ability to note bones (Luigi/Mewtwo/Charmeleon/American-Bloodshot torva) **will edit to add more as I come across**
  8. Rebel God (30 Min Boss)

    Having an Hourly boss is a good idea, but half the drop rate is not a good idea here are some other suggestions: maybe 15% less drop rate Outside wildy is not a good idea either because People with rainbow sets would just camp him, so no one would really have a chance. Same concept with wilderness (no customs) or allow up to cash/silver sets, this way donors don't influence the kill time, with rainbow sets
  9. Clue Scrolls

    Clue scrolls would be nice to add with rewards of SKILLING Supplies, that way we can power through the skill levels Just an idea
  10. Update 1/5/18

    Great job on these updateds!
  11. Ryan's Intro

    Welcome to the server, we are glad to have you! You seem to be a nice guy and I would like to get to know you personally. See ya around and enjoy your stay bud!
  12. GFX for Baas

  13. GFX for Baas

    Currently I am doing all signatures for free.
  14. GFX for Skillerprod

  15. GFX for Estpure

  16. New People Only BIG GIVEAWAY! [Under 24 hours]

    This is a great idea, maybe ill start doing my giveaways like this!
  17. Gambling improvements

    The flowers that you plant show up in the chatbox, as well as what you roll shows up in chatbox.
  18. Best guides - best 3 gets reward!

    Good luck to everyone who makes a guide! and May the winners have an amazing guide!
  19. Idea's from the mastermind Crazy0G

    If it reduces drop rate then the cash flow in needs to be higher than 50b, because cash is easy right now, and we need a clear cash sink.
  20. Idea's from the mastermind Crazy0G

    Tbh upgraded items would be cool to see, but there is no need for reduced drop rates. He is redoing the drop system as well as fixing the Ring of Wealth to give 25% drop rate. As for the non-torva mobs, he is also working on ranged mobs and bosses right now, then I'm sure he will get to Mage mobs and bosses. They have A LOT to deal with right now, so give them time to perfect this masterpiece

    Congratz Skillerprod! you deserve it buddy!
  22. HAPPY NEW YEAR !! [2018]

    Happy new year guys and gals! Lets make it progressive!
  23. Corolla's Introduction

    Welcome, and hope to see you around and talk soon!
  24. Kungfu Kenny's Suggestions and Ideas

    Anything That I figured needed to be commented on will have a green comment next to it. All great ideas, but we have to prioritize the updates first. Urgent: As of 12/26/2017, when opening player owned shop, inventory is not displayed, thus making it impossible to add items to shops. Game changing: Get rid of dealing w/ cash in inventory. It gets annoying having to throw cash into pouch every 5 mins. Make it where cash automatically goes to pouch when picked up or selling an item;. Can be done easily Make mage and range relevant Currently in the works Make 1 of the guns obtainable without donating and give it "relevant" stats Desert eagle/Uzi/Ak are dropped from clobe/prostex/redonex and more from Zombies give the skairu staff better mage bonus than +10 (blue dragon staff FROM THE MAGE SHOP gives +100)(If nothing else, lower blue dragon staff stats and put skairu at +100) He is working on magic add some custom mage armor already stated ADD TIERED VIRTUS/PERNIX NPCS THAT DROP TIERED VIRTUS/PERNIX ARMOR in the works ADD THE ABILITY TO CLAIM ALL VOTE SCROLLS AT ONCE. Can only claim 5 at a time, and you can't spam it. great idea Make zombie fragments automatically go into inventory. People will actually play zombie minigame if this change is made. It was made this way so people can't AFK the minigame to get the best items in the game, but if you buy Crystal necklace It picks up ALL LOOT and auto banks it. Can't smoothly transition from attacking one npc to another. You must wait until the first one completely dies, or else it says "You are already under attack!" This makes combat sort of annoying. good idea, just need to lower the combat death interval Quality of life: add a CELTICS HAT Not priority add some level requirements for gear Not priority add some more money sinks Not priority add the ability to claim all vote scrolls at once Not priority add the ability to combine a slayer helmet with a torva helmet to get the stats of the torva while still getting the slayer task bonus dmg of the slayer helmet Not priority anti-aliasing causes lag when used at the same time as re-sizable mode Not priority Implement a scrap or re-roll system for excess items from mystery chest Not priority scrap system: assign weapons and armour a tier list, provide a way to trade in excess items from mystery chest for scraps and create a scrap store or way to build items with scraps. amount of scraps given for each item based on it's tier. Example: put in bandos scimitar; get 5 scraps..... get another item reroll system: put in a certain amount of items of a certain tier and get back 1 item of 1 tier higher. Example: put in 3 purgatory platebodies, a tiger katana, and an ancient scimitar; get a oreo platelegs Small problems: dragon slayer sword only costs 25 rebel points(i assume it isnt supposed to be this way since all other weps are like 300+ points) Not priority vote reward option of 1 vote pt and 1m.... 1m is way too low, this amount is literally equal to 1 shark. I would say 500m-1b per vote would be reasonable' Not priority the mechanic where npcs restore health when you stop attacking them.... is a little too aggressive. for example, when fighting winter camo torva, sometimes repotting will reset its HP to full It's nice to have it this way so if someone dies, and someone comes in, the newest combat player will get the drop and not the dead guy.. sometimes when killing torvas, a drop simply doesn't appear It's a rng table, not always guaranteed a drop, but he is reworking rng system Incorrect sprites: Blue dragon staff Not priority all the spirit shields in vote shop Not priority lava whip Not priority rebel point store npc is wearing MewTwo's head as boots Not priority
  25. Update 12.27.2017

    Amazing updates!