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    My name is Galars, I'm a sponsor on this server and one of the first people to achieve a maxed HC Ironman acc. I'm making this guide because It took me forever to figure out all the little tricks to maxing quickly. I hope this helps each of you get maxed! So, HC Ironman has a disadvantage from the beginning. It's twice as hard to max as a normal acc and some of these skills are not easy. The goal of this guide is to help you achieve your goal of maxing. For the Skills the color guide is: Green = Fairly Quick Orange = Slow Red = Very Slow Red with Black dot = Agonizingly slow Pink = Not in game General tips and information for all skills -To begin, all skills can be accessed by teleporting to them. All you have to do is click their skill icon and you'll teleport to that skill -Vote tickets increase xp for 5 minutes. They're supposed to increase by 10% but it increases by much more! -Deluxe Donator has an advantage over normal players. People who are Deluxe or Sponsor rank can tp to the Deluxe donor zone which has an alter to the north which increases all skills by 17 levels temporarily. Green Skills Orange Skills Orange skills are the first skills that you may want to use vote tickets on. Vote tickets increase xp for 5 minutes. They're supposed to increase by 10% but it increases by much more! Red Skills Red with black dot Pink Skills That is my guide to maxing out! If I left anything out or have any suggestions to add to it please feel free to let me know! Thank you for reading! Hope this helps any of you who want to max out!
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    All of these drops are from a normal player with no ranks. Loot from 100 Silver Torva kills - No Ring of Wealth Loot from 100 Bloodshot Torva Boss kills - No Ring of Wealth Wil be adding other bosses too.
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    Maybe instead of the vote rewards being "1m coins" and 1 vote point, it can be changed to 1 rebel buck and 1 vote point would make voting more of a reward increasing votes and the value of vote scrolls in the community giving people more reason to vote.
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    Winner of 500x rebel bucks is Baller pk10 GZ!
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    DAILY GIVEAWAY As always we like to keep our players happy by giving away items everyday! Since a few weeks, we keep giving away Mega Mystery Boxes (MMB) almost everyday which I think is a great idea. You can get a chance to get rich or get none The amount of players that enter the give away is just amazing, everyone shows the will of winning those Mega Mystery Boxes (MMB). That made me think about the give aways, since it one of the things that keeps u guys playing around and stay active as community. So I've created a daily give away event, we will be giving out all kind of items! Their will be different ways to enter this giveaway, but one thing that you always have to do is being online on the server (in-game). The daily give aways wont always be the same event, so make sure to keep and good eye on the chat. The event leader(staff members) will keep you updated with "hints" ingame or discord! Main event leader is SkillerProd Previous winner(s): - Sick 1x Donator Status - Baller PK10 500x Rebel Bucks _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Second Give away for this event!: 1x - Enter the - give away by replying here.
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    In this guide I show you stats of our main items. NEW MELEE/RANGE SETS: TORVA WHIPS: GUNS: OTHER WEAPONS: ACCESSORIES: I hope this guide will help you guys.
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    Many players asked me to do a herblore and farming guide, because many new players do not know how to level up these skills. So I decided to do this guide. Hopefully it will help some players. First of all you should start with leveling up your farming. How to get there? It is simple, just click on farming skill and it will teleport you to farming place. To start leveling up you need some tools for it. Rake, seed dibber, secateurs and watering can. Of course u need seeds for it aswell, but you can select your seeds by your farming level. As first thing you need to rake the patch you want to use, you will get some grass if u rake, you can put your grass to Compost Bin. After raking you can plant a seed on raked patch for planting you need seed dibber. After planting you have to water them by using watering can. Now you have to wait untill you get a message ingame that your plants are grown up. Now you can take ur plants by using secateurs. You can level up your farming on 3 different patch out of 4. For faster leveling up you should use all of these 3 patches Levels you need for different seeds: HERBS: Guam - 9 Marrentill - 14 Tarromin - 19 Harralander - 26 Ranarr - 32 Toadflax - 38 Irit - 44 Avantoe - 50 Kwuarm - 56 Snapdragon - 62 Cadantine - 67 Lantadyme - 73 Dwarf Weed - 79 Torstol - 85 Herbs can be planted here: VEGETABLES: Potato - 1 Onion - 5 Cabbage - 7 Tomato - 12 Sweetcorn - 20 Strawberry - 31 Vegetables can be planted here: FLOWERS: Marigold - 2 Rosemary - 11 Nasturium - 24 Woad - 25 Limpwurt - 26 Flowers can be planted here: Now about Herblore: How to get there? It is simple, just click on herblore skill and it will tele you to herb training place. To level up you farming, you need herbs which you can get from farming. But there are guams in herblore store. There are a book that shows you what components you need for any kind of potions. You can level up your farming by cleaning herbs and making potions. Inside the herblore store you can find almoust everything you need for making potions. Needed level to clean any herb: Guam - 3 Marrentill - 5 Tarromin - 11 Harralander - 20 Ranarr - 25 Toadflax - 30 Irit - 40 Avantoe - 48 Kwuarm - 54 Snapdragon - 59 Cadantine - 65 Lantadyme - 67 Dwarf Weed - 70 Torstol - 75 Needed levels for making potions can be find from "Ingredients Book" Just from my experience I suggest you to make Super Antifire potions. You need Antifire (3), Clean Lantadyme and Phoenix feather. I hope this guide will help you guys.
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    This guide talks about Woodcutting, Fletching and Firemaking. First of all, to level up these skills, you should start leveling up with Woodcutting. How to get there? It is simple, just click on Woodcutting skill or Fletching skill. First skill I am talking about is Woodcutting. You can level up Woodcutting all around the world just where ever are trees. But it is easy to level up at this Woodcutting place, because you have all trees you need over here. To start Woodcutting you need an axe. You can get it from "Wilfred". There are 2 different teleports for Woodcutting: Low-Level Woodcutting and High-Level Woodcutting Levels needed for axe: Bronze - 1 Lime - 1 Steel - 6 Mithril - 21 Adamant - 31 Morune - 41 Blue Dragon - 61 Levels needed for any tree: Tree - 1 Oak - 15 Willow - 30 Maple - 45 Yew - 60 Magic - 75 Now about Fletching: For Fletching you need a knife and logs. Levels needed to fletch Bows: Shortbow - 5 Longbow - 10 Oak Shortbow - 20 Oak Longbow - 25 Willow Shortbow - 35 Willow Longbow - 40 Maple Shortbow - 50 Maple Longbow - 55 Yew Shortbow - 65 Yew Longbow - 70 Magic Shortbow - 80 Magic Longbow - 85 For more fletching xp you can string you unstringed bows. You can train fletching by making arrows/arrow shafts Levels you need to make arrows: Arrow Shafts - 1 Headless Arrows - 1 Bronze Arrows - 1 Steel Arrows - 30 Mithril Arrows - 45 Adamant Arrows - 60 Now about Firemaking: How to get there? It is simple, just click on Firemaking skill and it will teleport you there. To train Firemaking you need a Tinderbox and logs. Everything you need for Firemaking is from "Ignatius Vulcan". To level it up you just have to use your Tinderbox on logs. Levels needed for any log: Logs - 1 Oak - 15 Willow - 30 Maple - 45 Yew - 60 Magic - 75 I hope this guide will help any of you guys.
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    This guide talks about Crafting. I want to help these players who do not know how to level up Crafting. First of all, how to get to Crafting place. It is simple, just click on Crafting skill and it will tele you to crafting place. To level up crafting you have to start with flaxes or making clothes from leather. There are 2 ways to get them. Picking them from the field or buying from "Master Crafter". After you picked or bought some flaxes just click on Spinning Wheel to make bow strings. After you reach crafting lvl big enough to cut the gems, then you need a Chisel and gems. You can get all items you need for crafting from "Master Crafter". Just buy a chisel and full inventory of gems. To level it up, just use chisel on uncut gem and it will make it cutted gem. Levels needed to cut any Gem: Uncut Opal - 8 Uncut Jade - 13 Uncut Red Topaz - 16 Uncut Sapphire - 20 Uncut Emerald - 27 Uncut Ruby - 34 Uncut Diamond - 43 Uncut Dragonstone - 55 Uncut Onyx - 67 You can get Uncut Onyx from Hunter, as a rare loot from some Impling Jar. There is an other way to level up crafting as well. This is by making clothes. If you want to use this method then you need a Needle, Thread and Cowhide. Master Crafter can make you Leather or Hard leather out of Cowhides. Levels needed to make items from Leather/Hardleather: Leather Gloves - 1 Leather Boots - 7 Leather Cowl - 9 Leather Vambraces - 11 Leather Body - 14 Leather Chaps - 18 Hardleather Body - 28 Coif - 38 I hope this guide will help any of you guys.
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    This guide is about Slayer. I hope you can find some helpful information out of this guide. First of all, to start leveling up Slayer you have to select your Slayer Master. There are 4 different Slayer Masters: 1. Vannaka 2. Duradel (level 50 required) 3. Kuradel (level 80 required) 4. Sumona (level 92 required) After selecting your Slayer Master, you can teleport to him/her. Now you can get a Slayer task. Task depends on Slayer Master. Tasks can be from Luigis up to Bloodshot Camo Boss. You can find your task npc from Teleporting Tab, this tab shows you all our current zones. You can see your slayer stats on Player Panel. There are also Slayer store. You can buy some items from this store. Probably the best things you buy from Slayer Store are: Ring of Wealth Magma Shield Magma Battleaxe I hope this guide will help you abit guys.
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    Well, I decided to make another guide about Fishing&Cooking. First of all you should start with fishing. How to get there? It is simple, just click on Fishing skill and it will tele you to fishing skilling place. There are a store named "Master Fisher" who has everything you need to level up fishing. Also there are banker walking around there so it is kinda easy to do fishing. You can fish many type of fishes. Levels needed for them: Shrimps - 1 Sardines - 5 Herring - 10 Anchovies - 15 Trout - 20 Cod - 23 Salmon - 30 Tuna - 35 Lobster - 40 Swordfish - 50 Shark - 76 Manta Ray - 81 Rocktail - 92 Here you can find where you can catch any fish. Now about cooking: You can level up cooking by fishes you caught while you leveled up fishing but you can buy raw fishes from "Cook" at home. Levels needed to cook any fish: Raw Shrimps - 1 Raw Anchovies - 11 Raw Sardines - 5 Raw Herring - 10 Raw Trout - 15 Raw Cod - 23 Raw Salmon - 25 Raw Tuna - 30 Raw Lobster - 40 Raw Swordfish - 45 Raw Monkfish - 62 Raw Shark - 76 Raw Sea Turtle - 79 Raw Manta Ray - 81 Raw Rocktail - 90 Here you can find the "Cook" At the moment our cooking tele is abit bugged, but it will be fixed soon. So at the moment best way to level up your cooking is making a fire and cook on it. I hope this guide will help any of you guys.
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    Well, now is time to make another guide, this time I am doing Mining&Smithing guide. First of all, how to get there? It is simple, you can get to mining guild by clicking on smithing or mining skill and it tele you to our mining guild. To start mining you need to get a pickaxe from "Mining Instructor", this guy has everything you need to level up Mining&Smithing. You can find all kind of ores you need to level up mining inside this mining guild, you just have to run to East. Levels needed for any ore: Tin - 1 Copper - 1 Iron - 15 Coal - 30 Gold - 40 Mithril - 55 Adamantite - 70 Morune - 85 Levels needed to use any pickaxe: Bronze - 1 Iron - 1 Steel - 6 Mithril - 21 Adamant - 31 Morune - 41 Dragon - 61 To wield them you need attack level aswell. Also there is another way to level up mining by going to Essence Mine here you can mine Rune and Pure Essence which are needed to level up Runecrafting. There are 4 caves where you can mine Essences. Now about smithing: You can level up smithing by smelting bars in furnace or buying them from "Mining Instructor". After you have bars you can use them to build different items on anvil. Of course you need an hammer for it. Levels you need to smith any items: Bronze Items: Steel Items: Mithril Items: Adamant Items: Levels needed for smelting: Bronze - 1 Ice - 15 Steel - 20 Gold - 40 Mithril - 50 Adamantite - 70 Morune/Rune - 85 You have to do smithing to 99 by making Adamant items, because you can't make items from Morune bars. I hope this guide will help any of you guys.
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    In this guide I will talk about Runecrafting. First of all, how to get there? It is simple, just click on Runecrafting skill and it will tele you to Runecrafting place. There are two guys, but you only need one of them. You can get different talismans from "Runecrafting Supplies". Of course course you need pure essences. How to get them? It is simple, you have to buy them from other players or just spend some time at Essence Mine. How to get there? Click on mining skill and select essence mine. In this store (Runecrafting Supplies) you can see different talismans. To train Runecrafting you have to buy these talismans. Pick the highest level talisman you can and go get some levels. Right click on talisman and select "Locate". Now it will teleport you to this kind of rune altar. If u are at this altar then just click on this altar and you will get xp. Keep it doing until you are done with this skill, you reach level 99 or what ever goal you have with it. But you need some levels to use different talismans: Levels needed to craft runes: Air - 1 Mind - 2 Water - 5 Earth - 9 Fire - 14 Body - 20 Cosmic - 27 Chaos - 35 Law - 54 Death - 65 Blood - 77 Body altar does not work at the moment. I hope this guide will help any of you guys!
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    This is the official Pricelist of Rebel317 To find a specific item, use CTRL+F DONATIONS: Each 25$ donation - 3t DONATOR RANKS: Donor rank - 1t Deluxe Donor Rank - 2t Sponsor Rank - 4t+ ARMOR/WEAPONS: Gold Chain - 1t Silver Chain - 500-750b Air Whip - 1.5-2t Water whip - 1t Earth whip - 750b Magma Axe - 2t Ring of Wealth - 2t Ring of Riches - 750b-1t Crystal pendant - 3t+ Zamorak Wings 25-30b Magma Shield - 800b American torva pieces: 20b - whip is 25b Oreo torva pieces: 30-35b - whip is 35-40b Sky torva pieces: 70-80b- whip is 80-90b Darth torva pieces: -100-110b - whip 130-150b Cash torva pieces 120-130b - whip 150-170b Silver torva pieces 140-150b - whip 170-190b Camo torva pieces 350b - whip 400b Winter torva pieces 800b - whip 800b-1t Blood shot torva pieces 1t - whip 1.5-2t Rainbow torva pieces- 2t+ - whip 4t+ Clobe pieces - 100b each Prostex pieces - 200b each Redonex pieces - 300b each Vortex pieces - 100b each - crossbow 300b Drygore pieces: 30-35b Purgatory pieces: 5b Dragon slayer shield - 5b Silver vamp sword/def - 5b Red vamp sword/def - 2.5b Gold vamp sword/def - 7.5b Saradomin kiteshield - 1b Saradomin kiteshield (g) - 1b Saradomin longsword - 1b Saradomin longsword (g) - 1b Pink spirit shield - 100b Green spirit shield - 100b Lime spirit shield - 100b Purple spirit shield - 100b Deathly spirit shield - 250b Mystical spirit shield - 250b Blood anchor - 1b Dragon rider cape - 1b Thunder sword - 1b Ancient scimitar - 1b Universal shield - 1b Star katana - 1b Newt blade - 1b Tiger katana - 1b Skairu staff - 1b Ornate katana - 1b Wrathful blade - 1b Blood necklace - 1b Bandos scimitar - 1b Golden maul - 1b Uzi - 200b Desert Eagle - 500b AK-47 - 750b Dragunov - 2t Ray Gun - 3.5-4t Thunder Gun - 8t+ COSMETICS: Bulls Hat - 3T Mystery keys: 0-1b Mystery boxes: 15b Mega boxes: 55b Torva boxes - 500b Pet Boxes - 750b Vote scroll: 3-6bb Texas hat - 5b Wooly hat - 5b Lime bobble hat - 5b Lime booble scarf - 5b Pink wooly scarf - 5b Purple hween mask - 30b Purple party hat - 30b Purple santa hat - 30b Blue santa hat - 30b Cyan party hat - 30b Cyan hween mask - 30b Cyan partyhat - 30b Yellow santa hat - 30b Yellow hween mask - 30b Green santa hat - 30b Green partyhat - 30b Lime santa hat - 30b Lime party hat - 30b Lime hween mask - 30b Pink party hat - 30b Pink santa hat - 30b Pink hween mask - 30b Orange party hat - 30b Orange hweek mask - 30b Orange party hat - 30b Golden phat - 30b Golden mask - 30b Golden partyhat - 30b Lava party hat - 500b Striped party hat - 250b Striped santa hat - 250b Striped hween mask - 250b Rainbow hween mask - 500b Red Party hat/Rainbow party hat - 500b Santa Hat/Rainbow Santa hat - 500b Camo hween mask - 500b Camo party hat - 500b Stat reset cert - 0-1 gp Beatz by dr dre - 1b Baseball bat - 1b Iphone - 1b Lime sled - 450b Sled - 450b Golden AP Chest -5b Golden AP Tassets-5b Golden boots / gloves -5b Apollo chestplate - 5b Apollo tassets - 5b Apollo boots - 5b BONES: Luigi bones - 20m each Mewtwo bones - 20m each Charmeleon bones - 50m each American bones - 50m each Oreo bones - 60m each Sky bones - 70m each Darth maul bones - 80m each Cash bones - 90m each Silver bones - 100m each Camouflage bones - 500m each Winter bones - 750m each Bloodshot bones - 1b each More items will be added soon!!
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    nice intro bud! enjoy your stay!
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    if you’d like to see items like that try WoW
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    So this is the loot i got from 100 Mega Mystery Boxes And this is the loot from 100 Normal Mystery Boxes