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    A lot of people are curious on what to get from the pointzone store. This is just an insight into what to go for and for what purposes, and what stats each set \ wep etc, has. Have fun grinding! Drygore Equipment Drygore Godsword Vortex Set Vortex Crossbow Earth Whip Water Whip Air Whip Dragon Slayer Sword Saradomin Halberd Barbarian Warhammer Barbarian 2h Axe Gravity Hammer Clawed Glove SAP Glove Egyptian Sword Egyptian Sword (G) Happy Sword/Spear/Mace/Battleaxe Thunder Sword Dark Mace Sabre Sword Cleaver Sword Zamorak Wings Blurite Sword all weapons are normal speed other than the following; Air whip = fastest weapon in-game, water whip = the second fastest in-game, & earth whip = the third fastest in-game. Enjoy this guide, Hopefully this is an insight on what to grind for!.