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  1. Yesterday
  2. Account cant login

    No, if that didn't work try delete your cache files of the server.
  3. Account cant login

    Already did that twice, should I try again?
  4. Smithing

    Ice bars (Iron bars) and Morune bars (Rune bars) cannot be smithed to make anything on the game when trying to use the bars on a anvil the same as other bars. You can smelt both kind of bars fine in the furnace with no problems making the bars but cannot do anything with the actual bars to smith anything. When having those bars in your inventory and trying to use a Anvil there is no options at all to do anything with the bars. You cant use the bars on the anvil like others tried use object on and just clicking like you would with other bars but no options please fix
  5. Account cant login

    Try re-downlaods the client
  6. Account cant login

    Ill check reason
  7. Account cant login

    @Rebel @Baas @Mr Whale
  8. Account cant login

    Username: wr3cked ya When i try to login, a message appears saying "login could not be completed. try again." This first appeared after a recent update, please fix asap. Thank you
  9. Fake ID's intro

    Welcome to the aerver. Can't wait to see you around in game, if you need help feel free to let me know.
  10. Last week
  11. Fake ID's intro

    welcome gal, enjoy your stay. if you need anything feel free to hit me up! goof out!
  12. Drop Suggestions [REPLY HERE]

    I will keep it in mind
  13. Fake ID's intro

    Welcome Fake ID! Another player ingame with kids, Kewl! I got a kid hes 1.5 years young now Well meet soon ingame!
  14. Your favorite music/song?

    This is my life with my daughter 😴
  15. Fake ID's intro

    I lack the parts to be their dad 😂😂 their dad is 23 haha, my daughter is 3 in January and my son is 9 months but thanks haha cya in game
  16. Fake ID's intro

    Welcome dude! Damn, one year older than me and already father of two - respect. Seeya in-game! :]
  17. Fake ID's intro

    Hey all, I'm fake ID in game usually or Twitch so either of these names it'll probably be me I'm 21 called Sian with 2 kids so not a overly active player, been playing rs for many years but been between servers for a while now and had the last 18 months or so off all servers whilst my son was born now hes settled down I'm back online and look forward to meeting some of you in game, always up for a chat and a laugh and willing to help if you cant have a joke though I'm the wrong person to message :P, awesome server so far look forward to doing more and being involved
  18. Buying Ring Of Wealth

    I Am Buying Ring Of Wealth IGN: Skillerprod
  19. Medic's Intro

    Welcome to the server, hope to see you around :3
  20. Medic's Intro

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
  21. How famous is the person above you?

    I'd say noob for sure, with a 7/10 rating!
  22. Medic's Intro

  23. Medic's Intro

    welcome to our amazing community my dude, if you need anything slide into my pm
  24. donor rank request

  25. Big Sale!

    Goodluck selling it !
  26. Medic's Intro

    Welcome Medic! Hope you enjoy the server so far If you got any question you can hit me up, or any other staff members!
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